Mobilicity 2009

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Opened by:shekhar_mittal
Opened on:Tuesday, 15 September 2009 - 10:19am
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  • Project code name: Mobilicity
  • Objective: Organize a grounds-up, unique format event to discuss sustainable transportation for Bangalore
  • Organizers: Some volunteer members from Praja, with help and support from CiSTUP
  • Date and Venue: Nov 21 '09, CiSTUP, IISc

Idea is to organize a unique event with barcamp (loosely structured - people driven), as well seminar type (some predefined content, and speakers) sections to do prescriptive group-think and spread awareness about sustainable transportation in the city. Another tangential objective is to promote goal-oriented discussion amongst city's civil society.

The project has 4 sub-tracks, each with separate teams and workplan to address four main aspects of this event.

  1. Finances - manage event budhet and account, sign up sponsors
  2. D-day - workshop day logistics
  3. Publicity/Outreach - sign up partners and and reach out to potential participants
  4. Content - organize speakers and plan structured sesions for the seminar-section of the workshop

Above 4 teams are already in place and have done the groundwork. We have more details on google documents, and a separate email list for the project. As things get final enough for sharing with all, we will be uploading it all to this project. Meanwhile, if you want to pitch in and help shape and organize this, please join this project. More the volunteers, lesser the workload on each of us.

Praja RAAG

Taking Mobilicity Forward

Writing in a request to Mobilicity project members to take the concept forward via series of small events, or otherwise. To some extent Bus Day itself came out of Mobilicity efforts, the concept was seeded during Mobilicity meetings.

Jenny and others have a few ideas

All the Media Mentions

Praja related

Let us document all the newspaper articles that had a mention of MobiliCity. This can help us in the future.

Unconference Session: Crowdsourcing GeoData For Public Transport Information

There was an unconference session by Srikanth L on the above topic. The slides can be accessed or downloaded here.

Unconference Session: Tackling Bangalores Traffic & Infrastructure Mess


There was an unconference session taken by Vijay Padiyar from Cisco on the above topic. The presentation can be found here


Public Transport

How easily you can go from walking or taking your cycle or car, parking it and switchingto a bus or metro, then catching an auto to your destination, all in single journey and in a reasonably good time, is a measure of the efficiency and efficacy of a transport system.

MobiliCity Session: Urban Planning for Sustainable Transportation

The need for mobility and transportation arises because people and goods need to move from one place to another. We move because we need to go to places of employment, education, shopping, recreation, healthcare etc. Mobility requirements of citizens depend upon the choices the city provides them. If you had the option, wouldn't you live closer to work?

MobiliCity Session: Road Design Standards: Getting There

Roads are used by all citizens, and in various ways - as pedestrians, cyclists, hawkers, or by use of private vehicles and public transport. In addition, roads are the medium used by all utilities like water, electricity, telephone and cable lines, as well as sewerage. Roads also have environmental aspects such as tree cover and rain water run off.

MobiliCity: Overview of the Panel Debate

A framework for sustainable mobility involves several aspects like:

  • Land use patterns and city planning

  • Public transportation systems – various modes and linkages between them

MobiliCity Schedule

We are yet to lock it down completely, but this is how the day is going to look like on 21 November. Will post the details of individual sessions separately.



Research/ design project on sustainable tranport. calling for volunteers

Public Transport

As part of the upcoming praja event, mobilicity, scheduled for nov 21, there is a paper being researched, on the following subject:

Mobilicity - Review meeting with CISTUP

Praja related
21 Oct 2009 18:00

Next meeting with CISTUP, at IISc. Open only to organizing members/volunteers of Mobilicity. Leaving note on website to share progress with Praja members as we get closer to the d-day.

Discussion regarding Bus day

BusPublic Transport
14 Oct 2009 18:30

There will be a meeting with Mithila regarding the Bus Day.


The discussion will only include the Bus day, its planning and how to go about it.

Anyone interested can join, please feel free to put up any question and suggestion

Mobilicity - transportation 'unconference' for Bangalore

Public Transport
21 Nov 2009 09:30
21 Nov 2009 17:00

Please refer to other announcements about this big event being organized by volunteer members of Praja with help and support from CiSTUP. There is a project in progress to work on this event, project teams will certainly appreciate more members to join them.

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