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Quickest and Easiest means of Transport Vehicle in Bangalore

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A Big Sedan Car (Camry,Corolla)
0% (0 votes)
A Small Car (Santros,Altos)
11% (6 votes)
SUV/MUV (Innova/Scorpio)
4% (2 votes)
Geared Bike (Splendor/Victor/Pulsar)
29% (16 votes)
Ungeared Scooter (Activa/KineticHonda/Pleasure)
57% (32 votes)
Total votes: 56


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what about public mode?

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I hope metro could get to that list at the earliest! Busses are good but not fast..when fast they are very dangerous! We dont have roads for cars but Tata's are making the choice very intersting for the family-bike riders! So do we see autos getting replaced by the cheap cars?
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And human power/ cycles?

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I think you should look at this topic and then add it into the list of options. It is one of the quickest means of transport now, and easiest once you get used to it.
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It is just the Private Vehicle Which Suits for Bangalore survey

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It was just a private vehicle which suits best for Bangalore survey. Although 50% of the people use buses, it is still not the favourable transport for the people of main sector of Bangalore - IT & ITES. Also company buses are also a good means of transport especially for the IT & ITES sector. Most of the people have voted for ungeared scooters and it is really true. There is a long wait for getting vehicle after booking of Activa and the newly introduced Suzuki Access and also scooter market has increased and bike market has decreased this year. Honda which is mainly known for bikes, it is suffering in India in Bike market and is gaining profit only with Activa. Suzuki Access is also in excess demand. Kinetic and TVS is also doing reasonably good. Bikes gear teeths and clutch plates are wearing out frequently because of Bangalore traffic and the co-ordination of both the legs and hands making it deadly tiring in Bangalore traffic. Cars cannot find much space in traffic as well as parking and a small car is the best and least expensive to find parking space as well as to negotiate the traffic. But still, different people have different notion and each and everyone defines their own traffic and transport policies!!
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cycling within blr..

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I still cannot open the cycling thread cos of the embeded stuff in that page.. My observation on cycling here is related to the terrain..I have seen chennai/delhi and other places..they are pretty flat/plains! Bangalore is not..I stay in Giri Nagar and as the name iteself goes..its situated on a giri(hill)..cycling on such terrain is tough! Gears help but I am not sure if many of us are comfortable with gears on cycles!
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I agree GiriNagar is quite a

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I agree GiriNagar is quite a challenge when you start out. But then it would make you a stronger rider to ride to other parts of Bangalore. The gears on a cycle is quite simple and like most other things, just a matter of getting used to.
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i used to cycle till well into my college days. i started work on cycle too. then got hit by an auto in a big city with clumsy drivers. dropped cycle since then. i might be a klutz, but i too have found using gears very awkward. perhaps experience is a problem. abhi, since you are the insider on these things, how do gears work? comment guidelines

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