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Ever bribed Bengaluru traffic police?

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I have, unfortunately

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But never for last 9 years.

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weird fine..

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I have many times got a receipt for the offence..but not for the actual violation itself! 

I have been fined 100 Rs which is actually for signal jump..for an expired emmission certificate!

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Me, Too

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So have I !

This was some five years ago when a cop had followed me to commercial street from cubbon rd & had demanded a fine since I had turned right on to kamraj rd when right turns were not allowed. This was correct & I had realized the error only after the turn.

I stated that I would pay the fine, but needed a receipt, for which he had stated that he would bring it from near BRV where other cop/s were stationed & had receipt book/s.

I then told him that I would go over to BRV & pay the fine, which made him furious - he began threatening me & said that he would book me for refusing to pay the 'fine'. Finally, I paid 200 rs. & asked him for the receipt again. He had pocketed the money & disappeared, promising to be back, but had not returned. I then went past BRV when returning & found no cops there at all, save for a lone constable at the signals !

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Yes, i have

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but not in the last 3 years :)
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I have, but not in last 3 years

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And will not ever pay in coming years ahead

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twice till now and will never again....

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i still remember those two occassions vividly. i was in 8th or 9th class back then and was riding a relative's hero puch. never knew that the road i took was a one way untill a constable stopped me. i didn't even had a DL and nor a single ruppee with me. so left that vehicle there, ran back home and all i could manage was about 30 or 40 rupees, came back gave that money and took the bike back.

this one happened about 10 years back at bengaluru railway station. i was going back to my native place and i had to take my kinetic safari along with me. as usual i was trying to catch the train in the last minute and the train to shimoga leaves from platform no 10. so rushed to the old gate(back gate) and they told me that the vehicle had to be booked somewhere at platform no 1. so was in a hurry and again a constable stopped me just when i was entering the main gate(again a one way) then i paid him 100 rupees, and yes i did miss the train that day.

thats about it, i have paid a fine of 100 rs and collected the receipt.


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Believe it or not, I got away

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I had just moved to Mysoru; attended a conclave at Gangotri - abode of the great Mysore university - while returning, I drove unknowingly into an one way from one of the crosses and was driving slowly for spotting a medical shop and suddenly I found  a traffic cop heralding me and came and  stood in front of my car and that was that. 

Knowing their way of professional approach, I asked him to get into the car, drove in the wrong way itself for a few more crosses, turned into one of the crosses, switched off the engine, spoke to him, gave him Rs.50, told him I am new to Mysoru, he got out of the car, even gave me a salute and let me get away.

- This is not a story but a reality.But I knew I was doing something wrong but the cost of proving my innocence would have cost me a lot of time, energy and BP.

- Vasanth Mysoremath  


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File a public interest petition in court about fines.

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That is surest way to solve the problem. comment guidelines

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