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@SilkBoard, @Sathya

Today, one gentleman came to me and told that he wants to pledge as DD. And he said that he has registered his name in DDC ( It seems he was waiting for sticker, never arrived.

I guess I still have a bundle of DDC sticker with me. Can you send me list of people who are waiting for stickers? Hope there are no large numbers..

Let us list all pedestrian danger zones

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Bheema, hope you don't mind me posting this in the DDC project. I was thinking that we list down all pedestrian danger spots that we touch daily in our commutes. 10+ new flyovers or underpasses on Outer ring road, but only 1 pedestrian bridge (near K R Puram). Its getting worse, with no visible plans. I am scared that I will knock down a pedestrian one of these days.

Removing tint - A fun for family

Last week end was a special activity for my family. Duel purpose ! Abide law, have fun..

You know (my) kids always like distruction !!! So gave them opportunity to "destroy" tint from my good old car. So they go take revenge against me, for not getting them a new car.

DDC coverage in DNA newspaper


Some coverage for DDC in DNA:

APAD - Non-Lane driving - Result declared


 Location: NICE Road(Is that right name, or free-ad for Kheni saab?) , Hosur Road Junction(Clover Leaf), E-City Phase 1

Time: 11-Mar-2011 @8.25am

There is no need of explanation. We were blocked because of this accident. Perfect result of non-lane driving. Both drivers should win award(???) for non-lane driving. Police was busy in "negotiating" with parties.

DDC Quiz - 2

 Its heartening to note the participation of DDC project members. I wish non-DDC project memebers but pledgers too get notification of this quiz somehow and participate. Plus I welcome other DDC members to post own quiz as a new project blog.

Now Q2. Does not mean that Q1 is over. Its open ended always, so be free to take Q1 too. Its a quiz of principle and ambiguity. 

DDC Quiz - 1

Well having practiced for few weeks now DDs must have come across various situations scenarios. Whatever I faced , I am asking you as quiz so that we know how a DDs would react to specific scene. For example today, I came across a scenario which I am asking DDs , how would you react.

What is making you...?


 We know being a DD is not easy but doable? Many times we are tempted/forced to break rules and behave rude. I am sure every DD has come across, so I have few questions. Let us know what is your experiences on this?

1) What makes you really change lanes though you are at right speed and right lane?

2) What makes you honk though you are a DD.

Stickers sent to first 25 DDC Pledgers


 Thanks DDC Pledgers,

First 25 pledged members have been sent DDC stickers. We know stickers are not so user friendly for pasting in car bumber. You may find little difficult, please bear with that. 

1) Ensure that you practice disciplined driving else your sticker will be like any other fancy sticker. comment guidelines

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