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Welcome to the Praja's Online Media Center, covering the Citizens campaign for Bengaluru Commuter Rail Service. Thanks to the media, both electronic and paper, there has been good coverage of plans for implementing CRS in Bengaluru.

CRS - Publicity Brochures in English

Commuter Rail

Here is the humble effort to disseminate some basic information about the proposed Bengaluru Commuter Rail Service. I do hope that all interested would find the material informative and useful for self understanding and spreading the word to others.


CRS Presentation in Kannada!

Commuter Rail

Courtesy, Guruprasad, here is the CRS Presentation in Kannada. Many thanks to him for converting the english version into Kannada. Great effort.

Please feel free to review and give your feedback.


Commuter Rail Meeting at Tumkur on 5th of Aug'2012

Commuter Rail
5 Aug 2012 10:30
5 Aug 2012 13:00

Please Note - This meeting has been postponed till further announcement due to the unavailability of the MP Basavaraj tomorrow, he apparently has to go to Delhi. Inconvienience caused is regretted. WiIl keep you all informed as we hear about the next date for this event.

-NR Team

CRS - Time to Contact our representatives in Parliament and State Assembly!

Commuter Rail

As Praja member, Naveen, has said, Transportation is more often a 'Political Problem' than anything else. He is right and now the proposed Commuter Rail project is definitely a political problem and is awaiting for that political approval. From state to central, it needs political blessings.

Write to Chief Minister and demand CRS for Bengaluru!

Commuter Rail

The time has come for all us to become proactive and start building up the pressure and influence to advance the cause of Commuter Rail in Bengaluru. In past many times CRS has missed the bus. But this time lets ensure that it is impelmented ASAP.

A Presentation on 'Commuter Rail Service for Bengaluru'

Commuter Rail

Dear Prajagale,

Here is a copy of the power point presentation on proposed 'Commuter Rail Service In Bengaluru', which is nicknamed as 'Namma Railu'. This is the version used  at 'Bangalore One' and 'Public Discussion' event past week.

Public Dicussion on Commuter Rail Service at Tumkur, Ramangarm, ITPL etc.

Commuter Rail
18 Jul 2012 00:35
31 Aug 2012 00:35

This is the right time to build pressure on Govt / Railways to implement the CRS ASAP. First in these efforts is to conduct  CRS awareness campaign in B'lore and all teh CRS coverage area. Let us plan and oragnize few meets at Tumkur, Ramangaram, ITPL, EC, Hosur, Bangarper, Malur, Chikballapur, Dodballapur, Kengeri etc.

CRS Publicity Posters in English

Commuter Rail

Time now for the final push to CRS train. Otherwise it may be left standing where it was before Praja's Namma Raiu campaign. This time a lot has been done at government level with RITES doing a technical report and GOK, SWR showing considerable interest in it. comment guidelines

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