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Report - Commuter Train to Nelamangala

Commuter Rail

Report By Hemanth Kumar

Did Railway Board Lie to Tumkur MP Shri. G. S. Basavaraj?

Commuter Rail

In July 2011, Railway Board in a letter responding to Tumkur MP Shri. G. S. Basavaraj's request for CRS between Tumkur and Bengaluru, had indicated that they have asked South Western Railways, Hubli, to discuss this proposal with Government of Karnataka. Here is that letter.

Namma Railu gets Approval from State Government!

Commuter Rail


Namma Railu Proposal has been approved by GOK.........................

Commuter Rail - Match Fixing

Commuter Rail

We are now past all the Budgets and big-bang announcements from both State and Central Govt. Time for some close up analysis of all these unfortunate annual Tamshas. It is clear by now that, in the GOK state budget, Railway Budgets and the latest Union Budget, there was remotely any hint of support to commuter rail service proposal.

Namma Railu Brochure - Promise of Growth Beyond Bengaluru!

Commuter Rail

Here is the latest version of Namma Railu / CRS Brochure for distribution at work, Apartments, Public Places, Government Offices, Shopping Areas etc. It will be handy document to carry at events where we might have opportunity to talk to Babus, Politicians. This brochure carries the CRS proposal in very simple language and language that ordinary people can connect with.

No Commuter Rail Proposal from GOK - PMO

Commuter Rail

"No proposal was received from Government of Karnataka to start the Commuter Rail Service in Bangalore" was the reply from Prime Minister's office to a RTI query.

Private Public Participation model for CRS!

Commuter Rail

Back in early 1990’s, government still owned everything, one man thought otherwise for an international airport project.   When the State government asked the then district collector of Ernakulum, Mr.

Namma Railu Facebook page has a new URL now -

Commuter Rail

New Facebook page for Namma Railu -


Changed the name to a simpler one so that while talking to people, announing it anywhere, we can have a simple name like http .... dash dash dash slash NRBLR

In coming public-outreach campaigns, it will be very useful.


Namma Railu - Economic Returns!

Commuter Rail

In the era of market economy, there is absolutely no chance or room for any projects only on basis of social good. The government officials who are entrusted to consider such projects for approvals are increasingly scrutinizing the projects very closely taking into account the investments and returns it will accrue in coming years.

Connect the Dots - Conversation on Sustainability, Social Good and Us!

Commuter Rail
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