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Govt considering booting NICE for BMIC

In a not-so-unexpected move, the Govt announced that it plans to replace NICE as the contractor for BMIC with a new consortium called GIC. (Source DH, VK)

"GIC has put forth a proposal indicating that it would accept the terms and conditions of the framework agreement of April 3, 1997 signed between Karnataka and NICE and would pay the cost of existing infrastructure as evaluated by an independent agency while taking over the project on as-is-where-is-basis."

A new secretary to 'oversee' BMIC project

Came to know today that state government has created a post to keep tabs on BMIC. Neither the tone of the news piece nor the situation suggests the move is to speed track any decisions on the project. Perhaps it is more to watch over babus like Mr Sridhara who was pulled up recently for transferring KIADB land to NICE.

Bangalore Encroached

A motely crew of legislators headed by MLA AT Ramaswamy have discovered that in and around Bangalore, an entire Mysore has been encroached upon by the country's who's who. And thats just the half of it.

Marathahalli bridge updates


[Updated July 28] Construction work is on for the other half of the railway bridge. 3 new lanes opened in March, but how long before we get the new 3 lanes? I am guessing about 3 more months. Earth filling work is complete on east side, and is currently on from ORR side. The old bridge is all but gone, and its replacement is making a slow progress.

That area, literally a war zone for sometime now with construction in sight everywhere, has been an interesting picture of contrast over last year. While the bridge has been moving at its sarkaari pace, those big apartment complexes have added floor after floors! What happens when all those apartments - at least 2000-2500 units waiting for movers there - go live!? I am told they planned for this very predictable chaos. How exactly, I don't know. But there are some possible ways to deal with this:

BIAL choked?

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit ...

Went to BIAL website just now and ran into that bandwidth error. The interest in BIAL is definitely increasing :) However, leaving this irrelevant internet snafu apart, and talking about choking, I picked this interesting snippet from TOI yesterday. Congress MLAs were at it accusing government of lacking vision on infrastructure front when one of them quoted some interesting statistics about the new airport:

So Long, And Thanks For All The Birds

The 500 year old Hebbal lake ecosystem spread over 150 acres has not only been an abode of nature enthusiasts, it has also sustained hundreds of people - farmers, fishing communities, cattle herders, washermen, and casual workers.

Transit Way

BMIC - losing relevance?

These days, when facing opposition over satellite town SEZ plans from Congress(I), HDK frequently refers to the "Rs 10/acre/year" giveaway offered to NICE for BMIC project. And the funny thing is that it was HDK's father Mr Deve Gowda who signed the MoU for this project back in 1995 (Source - NICE page. Does anyone know if he was a signatory to the Rs 10/acre/year deal as well?)

Yep, the project has been controversial. Surf around on the web and you find a mix of negative voices (ESG, Indiatogether) and some positive notes though far (BusinessWeek, Sep 2005 - what do they know!?) and few (Indian Express, Oct 2005). Not knowledgeable enough yet to take a side myself, but I notice that this project might be losing a bit of its relevance.

Jairaj: was he good?

Recently, I heard someone say, "Oh no, they transferred K Jairaj". Somewhere else, "good riddance" was the call.

Well, though it was nice to see some folks care about ongoings at BBMP, when it comes to passing judgment on how good or bad Mr Jairaj was during his 14 months in the office, how can you or I do that?

Biding for Bidadi vs SEZ at Nandagudi

SKIL Did you notice how quick this Nandagudi SEZ thing is moving!? After state government's nod over a month ago, It got central government's clearance last week. HDK is all for the project and has been defending it no end.

Now, head a bit south-west to Bidadi. Apparently this huge integrated township project got a poor response. DLF is the only one left biding for Bidadi Integrated Township Project (BITP) now. comment guidelines

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