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Urban Development

BMRDA - dead, defunct, or dormant?

Urban Development

No news is good news is how some say it. Hope it applies to BMRDA as well. Do a news search on BMRDA, you see nothing. The only thing new on their website recently is a list of "un-authorized approved" layouts. Wonder what that means, approved, but not authorized, hmm.

Why is the link to "code of conduct" on the CREDAI site not functional?

Urban Development

The CREDAI, Bangalore (Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India) site is accessible here. Listed amongst various links on it is one on "code of conduct". But, if you click on it, it just takes you in circles.

The Apartment law you must know

12 Sep 2012 18:00
Urban Development

CITIZEN MATTERS and The Whitefield Club, in association with Whitefield Settler's and Resident's Association, invite you to the book release of Living in Bengaluru, Wednesday, 12th September, at 6 pm, Whitefield Club.

Concerns over lack of transparency in SCHBS, Koramangala, Developments

Urban Development

Following is the text of a letter sent to the BDA, jointly by the office bearers of affected RWA's, in March this year, because of the Shantinagar House Building Co-op Society developments taking place, over the 65 acre area in the vicinity of the Nirgun Mandir, in Koramangala (check

The Discarded Median Innovation as applicable to town planning

Urban Development

Whenever there is a requirement for a new road in the outskirts of a city, instead of building one dual way road, separated by a median, build new or modify existing two roads separated by a wide enough usable land as a pair of two one ways. These roads need to be barricaded, so that free NMVT access to roads is denied, except at the Bus Stations.

Fiddling with Section 14 (A) of the KTCP Act

Urban Development

The state government, which is bringing in amendments to Section 14 (A) of the KTCP Act, will make the change of land use a money spinner for the BJP in the election year.

Where do we compare with Stockholm?

Urban Development

The city of Stockholm asked an Advertising agency to develop a presentation about the city and its attractiveness to business and entrepreneurs! Click on the link below to see the result. Turn sound up!

Apartment Law in karnataka

I wrote this up a long time ago.  Figured that it is time to post it on Praja.  Comments and feedback welcome.


Real Estate Regulator

Urban Development

There was an article in the Economic Times today by V Raghunathan titled "Why india needs a Real Estate Regulator". He very succintly covers how the real estate sector is a mess and how everything is one sided in the whole deal.  Most of the article is self explanatory and well known.

Scrap the BDA!

Urban Development

Apparently, Dr Ashwin Mahesh had posted an article titled "Scrap the BDA" on 'facebook', which a certain Mr Vishy Kuruganti chose to publish on his blog 'techsangam' (accessible here). comment guidelines

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