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At Signals Stop behind Stop Lines


At Signals Stop behind Stop Lines The world wide web has many video's on driving in India. Most show how driver's fail to follow the basic rule of stopping behind the stop line at signals. Following this rule is vital for pedestrian safety. This video, a third in the series providing driver education, hopefully will provide the required role-modelling as well as the evidence of benefits of following this rule.

Better driving for Indians


We at praja have been discussing a lot of topics related to traffic management and infrastructure. However, all said and done, with all the systems and infrastructure in place, the most critical aspect of road safety is still about everyone on the road driving responsibly. In a world where Indian driving has been notorious and even a matter of ridicule, there are still some folks out there who believe that the future can be improved by developing adequate awareness among the people.

We take pleasure in introducing you to one such commendable effort by Dr. Adhiraj Joglekar who has been developing educational videos on how to drive better and safe.

BMIC: Under The Governor


Kheny Seeks To Meet Governor... Ashok Kheny, managing director of Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise, has sought an appointment with Governor Rameshwar Thakur. Kheny, who was in the City to attend the exhibition of idols of Jain Thirthankaras told the media that he would be meeting the Governor shortly.

PRR Phase I


Work on the first phase of the Peripheral Ring Road (PRR), aimed to decongest Bangalore, would start in mid-October after STUP Consultants, the agency chosen to chalk out the design, submitted the detailed project report, said M.K. Shankaralinge Gowda, Commissioner, Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), here on Saturday.

BMIC Fresh Global Tenders


The ongoing tussle between the State Government and Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE), promoters of the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor (BMIC) project, has taken a new turn with the Government floating global tenders to take over the controversial project under the ‘Swiss challenge’.

NICE Agreement Annulled


This just in. Just when things were getting boring, Star of Mysore is reporting... Bangalore, Aug. 30 (OSR) - In a far-reaching decision this morning the Sate coalition Cabinet has annulled the agreement which it had entered into in 1995 with the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE).

Reva and Autorickshaw?

Public Transport

There is this one thing I was hoping would happen, but it never did. Why did the promoters and makers of Reva (Maini) never try to push electric vehicles as an alternative to present-day auto-rickshaws?

An auto-rickshaw costs around Rs 1.3 lakhs today. 4 stroke ones would be a little more expensive than that. Most metro cities will sooner or later be pushing for a rickshaw overhaul, which as per current trends is an upgrade to cleaner engines running on CNG or four strokes.

BMIC: Gottigere lake muddle?


Any updates on the Gottigere lake thing? Back in March, High Court had asked state govt and NICE to resoolve the Peripheral expressway alignment issue within 3 months. March plus 3 months = June, or latest July? Shouldn't we be hearing some update now?

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