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Kingfisher debate

Such an airline (Kingfisher) deserves not just to succeed, but to be appreciated. No doubt, the high costs generated by government policies adversely affected all airlines; Naresh Goyal of Jet Airways is said to have lost his billionaire status and become a mere millionaire.

How did the BIAL runway deteriorate so fast?

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A full scale runway closure is a major event, and for a runway to be closed for "maintenance" implies serious repairs. Serious repairs on a spanking new runway, at a new airport which has commenced operations less than four years ago, clearly implies something extra-ordinary.

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Elements of Discipline and Safe Driving!


I must confess that for long as millions like others, I too had considered the Knowledge of signs would suffice to instill a sense of driving discipline on roads. Having come to US, where apart from the rudimentary knowledge of road signs, there are other important skills that one needs to acquire and practice it for a true discipline driver.

Driving School Scam - BBMP

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While most of the driving schools charge Rs 2,500-Rs 3,000 per candidate for training, BBMP had agreed to pay Rs 3,800 per candidate from these six schools. “Each school had produced documents claiming that they had trained 70 to 80 candidates and received lakhs as fees.

BMTC route changes in the recent month

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In collaboration with the Bangalore Traffic police, following changes have been made in BMTC routes in Bangalore city


Diversion 1: Netkallapa circle, Basavanagudi

Major Trains to stop at all Suburb Stations in Bangalore.

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Dear Friends,


Feb 18 TAC - Traffic Advisory Council meeting


Murali & Myself attended this months meeting. 2 Points emerged.

How do you go to your local shopping area?

Elevated 'through' corridor concept - a "plus" inside Outer Ring Road


Talking of vehicle movements, one need not addressed very well yet inside Bangalore city is separation of long-distance movements with local movements. One way this might be getting done today for goods movement  is by routing their city entry from the point nearest to destination on Outer Ring Road.

regarding peripheral ring road (PRR) - between Dobbaspet & Hosur


I came across a news item that a peripheral ring road is being planned between Dobbaspet & Hosur. comment guidelines

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