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500c crowds thinning due to new flyovers?

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This is more of a hunch, based on observation during last two weeks. But as I commute into the city from Whitefield everyday, and get to see crowded 500c buses (Vajra) at around the same time everyday at Marathalli, I get this feeling that the 500c crowds have thinned a bit.

How far can Rs.2/- take you?

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How far can Rs.2/- go?

In these days is Rs. Two worth anything?

If you want to get into a BMTC bus and get down at the next stop it costs Rs.4.

A cup of coffee or tea costs anything above Rs.8.

Auto fare is min. Rs. 20 and Metro Rs.10.

Kerbstone painting to enforce roadside parking?


Every drop of paint used on or around the road should have some purpose, should communicate something to the road users. If you look at the kerbstones, you would find a lot of paint wasted in creating the black/white or black/yellow stripes. As far as I know, the black/yellow or black/white paint patterns don't communicate anything to road users or drivers.

Orion Mall - Traffic planning

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Some good work being done here proactively by citizens of Malleshwaram around the new mall thats coming up in the area... 


Some preliminary problems that we saw at Orion mall:

The way out for Indian Railways?

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Its (Indian Railways) size, and the advantages it enjoys as a monopoly, put it in a class of its own. It’s the world’s fourth largest network (in kilometres) after the US, Russia and China. It’s the envy of others, in terms of passengers and freight carried. But it is run, unlike IOC, ONGC etc, as a departmental activity.

Koramangala EWS housing cum commercial complex


BBMP has given a contract to Maverick Holdings and Investment Private Limited, a private firm, to construct 1,640 houses for economically weaker sections (EWS) at Vannarpet in Ejipura area.  - - -  A few years ago, 1,512 houses had collapsed in the same area and the victims were provided temporary shelter there.  - - - The proposed BBMP’s new multi-storey building will

Cracks showing on Kadugodi overbridge


The railway overbridge at Kadugodi junction in Whitefield was to have been completed in 15 months but it took almost four years. One would have expected that extra time to have been translated into better quality. But motorists travelling on the 640-metre bridge have a different story.

First woman to drive the MMTS on Women's Day

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On Women’s Day, the South Central Railway has decided to harness woman power to drive a train. S Satyavathi will become the first independent woman loco pilot, when she runs out the Falaknuma-Lingampalli Mathrubhoomi Ladies Special MMTS on Thursday. Satyavathi, who joined the Railways as assistant loco pilot in 1999 at Bengaluru, was later transferred to the Secunderabad division.

New SMART Prize for New Mobility Entrepreneurs

8 Mar 2012
2 Apr 2012
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Malur needs Commuter Rail badly

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Malur example shows how commuter rail will help the people comment guidelines

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