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Expectations from Railway Budget 2013-2014

Hi Guys, I am not sure, when the next railway budget is (I believe it is going to be held in the month of February), but thought of what the state of Karnataka can really expect from this budget with K.H Muniyappa out of the railways ministry...

RITES - Bangalore City short on Railway Infrastructure

"...Prabhath K N, a resident of NGEF Layout along the outer ring road, who was at the Kengeri railway station a few days ago to book his tickets, said: “I had to wait for more than 90 minutes to get my reservation done at the counter.

Honk/Horn Language Proposal for Federal Union of India

After practising driving for more than 15 years and experimenting with DD, I feel honking is part of life, though I use this "feature" sparingly. But seeing other folks who restlessly honk in this crowded world of India, may I propose a new honking code language specific to India. Something similar to ASCII, morse codes? 

how are the PPP projects doing : NICE, BETL vs Delhi Aiprot Express, Gurgoan Toll Highway

Delhi Airport Metro Express Pvt. Limited (DAMEL),

Delhi Aiport service was suspended since 8th June for Technical problem. 


Mehkri Circle - 75 yrs gone, Junction that still embodies the philanthrophic deed of a responsible citizen!


About 75 years ago, a ordinary citizen and a merchant by name Enayathullah Mehkri built something that is still remembered by people for his noble act. Until that time, 1937, the place we all know today as Mehkri Circle (it is circle no more) was like a junction like any other junction where 4 roads meet.

Boycott vehicles with defective number plates


While Dr Saleem, the Addl Commissioner, Traffic, has stated (check this) that he will be taking up an intensive drive against 'defective number plates' (the biggest issue here of course pertaining to the Kannada number plates - very few people want to identify it as such, sinc

BMTC Volvo Frequency Reduction - Subcontracting main reason?

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Offlate BMTC is sub contracting lots of Buses to Private Companies like Manyata Embassy, ORRCA etc resulting in the reduction of frequency for common passengers especially in the peak hours. Also, there are too many buses in some route and very little in few routes.

Stress and KSRTC drivers

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Incidents of KSRTC drivers dying of cardiac arrest and stress related problems are on the rise.  The latest one being reported on 15-Apr-2012.  As if there is a divine intervention, in all these incidents, the drivers have either stopped driving or have swapped places with the second driver in the bus, thus avoiding absolute mayhem on the roads.  What can happen to the passengers comment guidelines

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