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Metro Feeder Gyaan

Project wiki to capture project team's thoughts, can structure this for the eventual report.

General Strategy

The Target Commuters

There are two types of commuters to target and please

Recce ride report - BMTC connects

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Lets keep this post for BMTC related observations from our morning ride. Noticed a few things during the test ride this morning.

Metro Recce - Tue 1st Nov

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1 Nov 2011 08:40
1 Nov 2011 10:40

To travel the reach 1 stretch to check on last mile connectivity..

Will start from MG road station at around 8 :30 AM and travel to BYp

Metro-BMTC connectivity - a study

Project number:4554
Opened by:srinidhi
Opened on:Saturday, 29 October 2011 - 12:56pm
Last modified:Saturday, 29 October 2011 - 3:36pm
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Look at newly opened Metro stations, assess Metro-BMTC connectivity situation
Praja RAAG

This is the project to look at newly opened Metro stations and analyze as-is situation on Metro-BMTC connectivity. A report would be the outcome of this project. The report is intended to help in advocacy efforts towards the expectations of public transport commuters such as:

Bus Breakdowns Plaguing BMTC

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My 25 km one way daily commute for the past 10 months has meant covering a swathe of Bangalore's suburuban areas.  A common observation during this time has been seeing 2-3 BMTC buses broken down every day.  This includes buses across the spectrum.  Ordinary buses ranging from old to the relatively new JNNURM ones, Janti Vahanas (trailer buses), Volvos, Marco Polos etc.

Pre-announcing upcoming projects - contact us if interested

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On behalf of Praja RAAG, wanted to pre-announce a few projects in the area of public transportation (most popular subject here) that are on the anvil. We will take a couple of these forward depending on interest levels and availability of enthusiastic individuals who have been driving such projects.

The real cost of building Metro - elevated?

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It is Metro time, and papers are full of statements from babus and netas of our city that say that "we didn't go underground because the cost was very high". But then, some citizens say - what about the cost we pay due to inconvenience? Wouldn't that 'hidden cost' tilt the balance in favour of underground? How about putting some numbers to these arguments?

Feeder Bus Service - Malleswaram Example

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This Feeder Bus service is a very good idea. I hope it is successful. But how about suggesting to BMTC to create a local Feeder bus service in several areas. For example. In Mall-eswaram, there will soon be two huge Malls at both ends - Mantri and Brigade. They could provide a service which goes as follows.

Bikeshare in Bengaluru - Credit goes to PRAJA, CiSTUP and DULT!


Finally Bengaluru gets its 'Bikeshare' concept converted into reality. I do Hope that this concept is well received by the Bengalurians and patronizes to the fullest extent.


Noticeably less activity on Praja related to Namma Metro

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I began visiting and participating on Praja in 2008 when I was deputed outside the city on work, i knew i would get a clear view into our city through this website, I gradually increased my visits here and also participated in many discussions. comment guidelines

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