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We cant Merge!

TrafficTraffic jams

Bangalore has been hit by the merge blues. more than 70% of the so called Jams can be associated to merge, various types of merge. We create a merge out of left & right turns when we should wait for traffc to clear, we even create a merge in a roundabout when we should yeilding. We even create a merge at traffic lights when we should be standing in our lanes waiting for our turn.

Wouldn't PRAJA have been a better option for BTP?


The Facebook page of the traffic police, set up two months ago, is a much-needed forum for Bangaloreans to bring the violator in uniform to book. More than 3,000 have already joined the page to share information and make evidence public. Many others are adding their comments.

Public discussion on traffic issues

12 Jun 2011 18:00
TrafficTraffic jams


Manual ped signals

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

I appriciate this facility by BTP/B-TRAC. This switch enables pedistrians to intervene automatic signal so that a green signal is forced for road crossing. As this seems relatively new, no one seems using it. Probably some volunteering work needed to educate users. We need more such signals at highways.

A non-stop Fast Public Transport Service on Elevated Road from Silkboard To Electronic City

BusPublic Transport

A few days back, I had to go to Electronics city with a friend of mine, I rarely go towards that side (Hosur Road) generally. And that was the first time, we took the Elevated Flyover over the Hosur Road. I thought of an idea/suggestion that if a BMTC mini-bus kind of vehicle can just do a to-and-fro from Start of the Flyover (near SilkBoard) and Electronics-City toll-post.

Hat mounted camera - gadget for Traffic Police


Bangalore Traffic Police loves technology, and for good reason, because tech helps them 1) reduce corruption and 2) get more enforcement done from their small troop of 2000 cops. Here is another tech solution for them to take their camera based enforcement to the extreme.

Solving City's traffic problems - Govt/Babus OUT, Citizen IN

TrafficTraffic jams

Ruling dispensation busy in saving their skins, divided in camps, CM dosing one fire after the other. Opposition in total shambles and behaving like headless chickens. Babus calling shots and in most cases avoiding the obivious to save their careers.

Kaggadasapura - Neglected Locality?


Kaggadasapura is a negelected locality, as i feel it.

There has been lots of people moving into Kaggadasapura over the last 5 years. Thanks to its proximity to Tech Parks, Old Airport, Indira Nagar etc., It is real saddening to say that infrastructure in this area is not grown propotionally. My concerns of this area are

Narrow MAIN Road

APAD - Non-Lane driving - Result declared


 Location: NICE Road(Is that right name, or free-ad for Kheni saab?) , Hosur Road Junction(Clover Leaf), E-City Phase 1

Time: 11-Mar-2011 @8.25am

There is no need of explanation. We were blocked because of this accident. Perfect result of non-lane driving. Both drivers should win award(???) for non-lane driving. Police was busy in "negotiating" with parties. comment guidelines

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