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The Most Horrific Traffic in the Entire World

TrafficTraffic jams

So how do we fix gridlock? IBM says building more (or wider) roads won't help—not enough space or money. The answer lies in data. Which makes sense, as IBM makes money by processing and selling data. But it does make sense—taking the roads we have already and routing traffic through them more efficiently.

Unnecessary Traffic Jams at Graphite India Jn

TrafficTraffic jams

Hi All, I'm one of the regular commuters who has to cross the infamous and extremely narrow Graphite India traffic junction at EPIP, Whitefield for more than 7 years now. Ofcourse the number of companies have multiplied in EPIP, for which this is the Only entry point for 90% of the commuters who come from the city. Rest 10% come from the other side of the road, i.e. the ITPL side.

Traffic Congestion at Tavarekere and Hosur road

13 Aug 2011 10:00
TrafficTraffic jams

Venue   : Forum mall at Koramangala

Agenda : To Visit and deliberate about 

                 1. Hapazard Development at Tavarekere area

                 2. Traffic congestion at

Daily scene at the interjunction of Coles Park on St Johns Road in Bangalore

TrafficTraffic jams

I just fail to understand Why we Bangaloreans, the residents of Silicon City of India behave in such a chaotic manner, does the person coming from other side of the road, not have a right to smooth passage. Is it that all the hurry is only for us?

Where is the city headed?

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

Nobody has clue how 2020 or 2030 Bangalore Transportation should be MADE to look. Remember this is different from how it will look if left to go on like now.

Nobody wants to take responsibility for traffic

TrafficTraffic jams

The city's sanction process for malls and similar complexes is at the root of the rapidly worsening problem. Traffic management does not seem to be a concern in BBMP.

Improving traffic flow on Residency Rd


The issue of traffic management in general and road-widening in particular touches on a particularly raw nerve for most of us. That the issue polarizes most, is evident even from recent discussions right here on Praja.

About using Transgenders in Traffic Control Program


Today while stopping at a signal in Veerasandra Cross/ Hosur Road Junction a transgender approached me for her(his) due.  Usually I wont turn up. Today I wanted to talk to him(her). So I offered Rs.10 as a talking fee :). I casually asked if he(she) would interested to help traffic control. The answer was positive but she(he) was hopeless that anyone would co-operate by seeing them.

Road widening - Futility & Alternatives

TrafficTraffic jams

Road widening - Futility & Alternatives


BBMP listed 217 roads to be widened. This has caused much worry among citizens as it entails widespread destruction of both greenery & property. Why do so many roads need to be widened? What are the characteristics of congestion on this road? What are the traffic patterns on these roads?

We cant Merge!

TrafficTraffic jams

Bangalore has been hit by the merge blues. more than 70% of the so called Jams can be associated to merge, various types of merge. We create a merge out of left & right turns when we should wait for traffc to clear, we even create a merge in a roundabout when we should yeilding. We even create a merge at traffic lights when we should be standing in our lanes waiting for our turn. comment guidelines

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