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Kerbstone painting to enforce roadside parking?


Every drop of paint used on or around the road should have some purpose, should communicate something to the road users. If you look at the kerbstones, you would find a lot of paint wasted in creating the black/white or black/yellow stripes. As far as I know, the black/yellow or black/white paint patterns don't communicate anything to road users or drivers.

Orion Mall - Traffic planning

TrafficTraffic jams

Some good work being done here proactively by citizens of Malleshwaram around the new mall thats coming up in the area... 


Some preliminary problems that we saw at Orion mall:

Elements of Discipline and Safe Driving!


I must confess that for long as millions like others, I too had considered the Knowledge of signs would suffice to instill a sense of driving discipline on roads. Having come to US, where apart from the rudimentary knowledge of road signs, there are other important skills that one needs to acquire and practice it for a true discipline driver.

District Improvement Charges

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

With BBMP running out of money & unable to present a coherent budget, city improvement programs have reached a dead end. While congestion charging can provide money for development programs & also reduce congestion it needs technology investment & infrastructure work to plug holes in the congestion chaging cordon.

Elevated 'through' corridor concept - a "plus" inside Outer Ring Road


Talking of vehicle movements, one need not addressed very well yet inside Bangalore city is separation of long-distance movements with local movements. One way this might be getting done today for goods movement  is by routing their city entry from the point nearest to destination on Outer Ring Road.

ROB for ORR near Tumkur Road between Yesvantpur to Chikbanavar

TrafficTraffic jams

Finally SWR has called tender for ROB at MES road connecting to Tumkur road on ORR which was real pain for road users.

Tender value worth Rs 20.22 Crore , to be completed in 24 months. As their are two rail gates, it was nighmare for road travell.

Fuel Subsidies, Road user fee - Common sense prevails, At Last


Some positive developments - long overdue, though not very comforting for the car-dependent public in bangalore. Following are excerpts from an on-line headline news portal :

Drunk drivers of Bengaluru = 4 Crore worth black money?


Now that I have had 10 second hand reports on this, its time to do some math on the black money generated by drunken drivers of Bangalore. I am yet to experience this first hand (hope never to), those who have, say that they pay anywhere from Rs 1500 - 2500 in all after they get booked for drunken driving.

Proceedings of Traffic Management Coordination Committee Meeting held on October 15, 2011


Dear all

Herewith attaching the proceedings of the first Traffic Management Coordination Committee Meeting held on October 15, 2011 along with the related representations submitted earlier.

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