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Light Rail at grade..too bold?

As we have seen there seems to be some activity around building light rail as a feeder to metro(Bannerghatta rd - Hebbal). For some historic reasons The Bangalore Airport Rail Link (BARL) Ltd is actually working on the DPR for it.

accidents involving commercial vehicles


I have always wondered why nothing has been done about  commercial passenger(or goods) carrying vehicles with regard to serious accidents and the reckless practices they indulge in.

Pune Bus Day on 1st Nov & Save Pune Traffic Movement ( SPTM )

Public Transport

Pune Bus Day details  and the Media Sakal doing complet support.  Its planned on 1st Nov'2012  as First Bus Day. They are looking at 1500 Additional buses to be on the roads.

Lets wish  them all the best and  Pune needs good PT

Priority on Roads for Emergency Vehicles - BTP's new education campaign

Traffic jams

Courtesy - Deccan Herald

"...The Bangalore Traffic Police has kickstarted a campaign of sorts to educate the public on the need to give way to an ambulance. But whether this will change people’s attitude is yet to be seen..."

Koramangalites - brace yourselves for a lot more traffic

Traffic jams

A huge mall (Mantri ?) is supposedly coming up adjacent to the Agara lake (perhaps on the area marked 'encroachments Dec '08', seen by moving the cursor, here).

The Discarded Median Innovation as applicable to town planning

Urban Development

Whenever there is a requirement for a new road in the outskirts of a city, instead of building one dual way road, separated by a median, build new or modify existing two roads separated by a wide enough usable land as a pair of two one ways. These roads need to be barricaded, so that free NMVT access to roads is denied, except at the Bus Stations.

Easing BTM - SILKBOARD bottle neck !

Dear All,
ELCIA have been successful in getting improvements on Silk Board to E-city and beyond with elevated road and flyovers on ORR. Today the real bottle neck is BTM, silk board and Madiwala. This requires out of the box solution acceptable to all stake holders. They have requested associations of ORR, ITPL and WHEELS.,

Hebbal flyover to be part of tolled road to BIA


The Hebbal flyover, which is being widened, will be part of the tolled road to Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) and beyond.

A Presentation on 'Commuter Rail Service for Bengaluru'

Commuter Rail

Dear Prajagale,

Here is a copy of the power point presentation on proposed 'Commuter Rail Service In Bengaluru', which is nicknamed as 'Namma Railu'. This is the version used  at 'Bangalore One' and 'Public Discussion' event past week.

Boycott vehicles with defective number plates


While Dr Saleem, the Addl Commissioner, Traffic, has stated (check this) that he will be taking up an intensive drive against 'defective number plates' (the biggest issue here of course pertaining to the Kannada number plates - very few people want to identify it as such, sinc comment guidelines

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