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Road Works

Mayor shelves road widening


Just happened to come across this news from couple of weeks ago. BBMP Mayor finally shelves the road widening plans. Temporarily? Your guess is as good as mine.

Aug/6 - Chronicle:  

NHAI begins work on expressway to BIA

Source - Deccan Herald

Deccan Herald carried a news report that NHAI is awarding the BAI expressway to Navyug Constructions.

BBMP and Road Widening

Most aware citizens say that widening roads to fight traffic congestion is like buying larger clothes to fight obesity. BBMP and some others feel that some arterial roads are choked, and road widening is a must.

Such direct focus on roads, and so little on mobility has been a problem with Bangalore's planners for a decade now. But its only in early 2010, when a large road widening scheme from BBMP threatened to touch thousands of private properties that the debate has hit common citizens of Bengaluru.

Scientifically speaking, city roads needs consistent width - 4 lanes would do just fine - in corridors, better management of stopping and parking along the ribbons of corridors, width for pedestrians to keep them off the tar, and improvement at junctions to manage the flow.

Road Widening hits a road block?


Today’s Sunday times had the head line on road widening ahead of Food Ball news for a change.

Your house cannot be taken forcibly under TDR.

“As per the rules, BBMP can take up road widening only under the Transferable Developments Rights Scheme (TDR). If the private property owner does not cooperate in giving away his land for road widening the process cannot be taken up legally”

The only option for BBMP is to forcibly acquire the property by paying current market rate under Karnataka land acquisition act. What then was the relevance of BBMP TDR in the first place? Was it to take away the property without proper compensation? 

Bangalore and Signal Free Corridors

Public transport die hards don't want any of this. Car lovers want them. But many believe that some solution is required in Bangalore to improve radial connectivity across ends of Outer Ring Road.

  • BBMP has been trying to improve radial connectivity by widening some corridors, and planning more flyovers etc at busy signals.
  • BBMP has tried doing this on Belary Road via Magic Boxes.
  • Some people have proposed tunnel roads to connect CBD with Outer areas.
  • BDA is converting Outer Ring Road to a signal free corridor
  • CTTP 2007 had proposed long elevated roads above 4 key radial corridors.

Let us outline detailed posts on the subject under this book. This is a wiki post anyway, so if anyone wants to add more to this page itself, just edit it instead of adding comments.

A praja face to face meet at Vittal Mallya Road June 12, 2010

InfrastructureEverything else

I, Mr. KV Pathy and Mr. Janardanam arrived at the Vittal Mallya road at about 8:30 AM to day as scheduled. We were later joined by Dr. Srinath Heragu. We started our tour of the road from the kasturba road end of the Vittal Mallya Road.

Signal Free Corridor projects - need scrutiny (updated)


Vinay S, an active member at Hasiru Usiru has obtained detailed information from BBMP on upcoming signal free corridor projects. Many people think that the project(s) need some serious scrutiny for the returns they promise on investments. Its one thing to make a relatively new road like Outer ring road into a signal free corridor, and another to talk about turning more than half dozen radial roads signal free without a clear plan for each and every interesction that lies on the way, or more important, without commensurate or alternate investments on public transport (like priority lanes for Big10 routes). Many feel that without such clarity, these corridor projects may end up being "bottleneck shifting" or "more parking space for free" projects.

Vinay has promised to mail over all documents he has obtained (will upload them here as soon as I get hold of them). We may need to scan and upload some sketches as well.

NICE comparison!


 There was a recent comparison of the UP state Yamuna expressway and BMIC by the editor of Vijaya Karnataka news paper..

This by-far looks a neutral review/comparison of the projects. The salient points are as below:



Yamuna Expressway




Reporting encroachment by temple on road - how?


If I wanted to report an encroachment on to a public road, can I do so on Spandana - BBMP's website?

If yes, should I be selecting "Engineering" or "Legal" as the department?

There is a temple near my locality that has encroached on the main road; they have put up a "temporary" shelter for some pooja/festival which is yet to be removed even after a month! Because of this shelter, only half the lane is left. So everyday there is a jam at that point because vehicles cannot pass.

How does one report this? Also, how does one do it without being targeted or harassed by "religious" people?

Prajagale, please advise.

Mysore road expansion - how can you remove the bottleneck?


Do planners in Bangalore realize that bottlenecks are the main source of traffic problems? It doesn't matter if you have a 5km long 8 lane road at the end of which has a bottleneck which reduces to 2 lanes. 

It looks like that the Mysore road is going to be widened. The govt will end up spending crores of money and cause inconvenience to lot of riders during this widening spree. We'll also lose all the trees which so far have kept the Mysore road a complete canopy. But the Bapujinagar bridge is a huge bottleneck. If nothing is done to widen at this point, the whole effort is meaningless. Given that we have the Masjid and the GhaaLi Anjaneya temple on either side, we can imagine that this part of the road can never be widened. 

Do the officials even think about this before going about doing their job of road widening? comment guidelines

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