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Road Works

Mysore ORR road / ORR Jn Flyyy overs


 Saw in the news today the renders of the proposed flyovers plans for the mysore road and ORR jn..I simply went bonkers! 

It looks like this..

So BBMP, when to demolish the Windsor Manor bridge?


Leave aside cutting down five hundred trees for a moment. Lets get into engineering and traffic planning specifics. What BBMP is trying to do is widen this of stretch Bellary Road. There is some justification, stretch from Mekhari circle to Windsor Manor is a bit narrow to manage four lanes of traffic. The Cauvery junction Magic Box is tight on space.

Widening roads around Palace grounds - alternatives


Referring to the DPRs for widening of roads around Palace grounds & Vinay's previous post:

Underground Parking - whats the big deal?


 It has been in news since some time that BBMP is planning underground parking lots under playgrounds and other public amenities like parks etc..

more on this in this link..

Karnataka State Highway Improvement Project


On 29/Nov ADB approved a $315 millon loan for Karnataka State Highway Improvement Project (KSHIP II). Amounts to 68% of estimated total ($463 million). 

Main goals: Improve over 600km of roads in the state. Due for completion by Dec 2014.

Projected Outcome:

Green massacre


Bloodless it will be, but it will make the city bleed in course of time. More than 850 trees on Jayamahal Road will be gone in a month’s time to make way for more vehicles of pollution.

Future of Old Madras Road?


Can anyone enlighten me as to what will happen to Old Madras Road once the Metro comes.

Will it be widened? Is there any plan by any authority on this?

Slow and dangerous sewage work @ cluny convent road Malleswaram

Praja related

I wanted to bring this to the notice of authorities on state of the sewage work being done at 11th Main road, malleswaram, outside the cluny convent, malleswaram, bangalore. I have attached certain photos for you to have a look and publish so that reaccurance of Sanjay Nagar Underpass kind of accident doens't happen again.

Few things i would like to point out :-


Suranjan das road widening ... silver oaks cut!


I was completely taken aback when I saw stumps of the tall silver oaks in front of HAL engine div today morning..

Did some checking and found that 

What are they widening?


Where's the widening in roadwidening?

A very good piece of investigation work. Uncovered the incompetence that is BBMP. We need somebody to step in and stop these people from causing any damage to the city. Its like a mental institution on the loose. comment guidelines

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