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Road Works

BMIC - Why so high toll on NICE road?

Kind of tired now of reading once-in-a-while-news-updates on NICE vs State of Karnataka case in Supreme Court. Also tired of seeing blatant self-promotion (misuse? illegal?) by Mr Ashok Kheny on his state-given PPP land. But more than that, why are the tolls so high on the NICE peripheral road?

Fixing accountability for BBMP's works

One of the concrete slabs, covering the drain across the road junction in front of our residential complex (in S T Bed layout, Koramangala) main gate, developed cracks somewhere along, and eventually gave way around the middle of last week (see picture below), posing a hazard, particularly to pedestrians and two-whheler riders.

Signal free road from Hebbal to BIAL

This post is regarding the long overpass being constructed over the Bellary road. This Overpass is supposed to provide a smooth & non-interrupted drive from the Hebbal Flyover upto/almost the BIAL toll booths.

BTRAC Questionnaire - CiSTUP

We are doing a study on "Impact of B-TRAC Project" for Bangalore City Police for which we need the questionnaire to be filled by general public. 

Airport Road Woes

This is to draw the attention of people who use and/or stay around the Airport Road in Bangalore.

How a Russian city got its politicians to do their work

The video clip, linked below, shows how a Russian city managed to get the powers that be of the city to do their work. Can we possibly make such an approach work in Namma Bengaluru? Or, are our politicians too thick-skinned compared to those in Russia, or elsewhere? May be worth finding out.

Muralidhar Rao

BATPIC network launched

BATPIC (Bangalore Road Widening and Other Urban Transport Projects Impacted Communities Unite) Network launched with the objective of pursuing urban transport projects that are socially just, economically viable, environmentally friendly and long lasting solutions

Summary of the joint statement:

An App for your potholes!

Technology can be real useful, if there is a willingness to make good use of it!

Look at this new SmartPhone App used by the City of Boston. Quoting from the report: comment guidelines

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