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Road Works

KSHIP going social?

We know Manivannan has taken over KSHIP. Here is the Facebook page.  I read the news of transfer of Manivannan on 6-Jul-2013 and facebook page created on 9-Jul-2013. Swift !

And I see first interaction as given below on July 25th. 


Roads in Peenya Industrial Area

Dear Prajites,

Request you to visit Peenya and see the pathetic condition and state of the raods. An industrial area of this kind and size the infrastructure is very poor.

Bad Roads

Dear Prajites,

Improving Roads and Drains

Dear Prajites,


I would like to suggest to you all to take up the initiative of storm water drain that needs cleaning  / de-silting etc and also we will need to change the specifications of the roads manual and also pay the contractors a little more.

Designing Storm Water drains a report


The event "Designing Storm water Drains" was attended by 4 of us, all residents of Indira nagar area in general.

1.     Self

2.     Pathy ,

Refurbishing storm water drains [SWD] HAL III stage area

Currently furious SWD refurbishing activity is going on in HAL III stage area.  It consists mainly of providing uniform RCC slab covers at suitable height in relation to that of the road center. 


The big 'foot path' scam in BBMP

We all knew BBMP is the cash cow for all politicians and its contractors along with the so called engineers. The engineers are really good at engineering ways to let fake bills and fake payments to be done without works being carried out..

Is there hope for the 300 odd trees on army properties along Hosur road?

Following are the excerpts from mail exchanges in the HasiruUsiru Y-group, in the subject connection:


Salaam Jabalpur

This film, `Salaam Jabalpur'  - is about the demolision of several temples, mosques, churches etc. which were obstructive. What is remarkable is that it was done with the cooperation and help of the people involved - without any force or violence. What hope of this happening in our ciry ?

Its quite remarkable.

NICE Road agreement analysis

Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor (BMIC) has been embroiled in controversies from the 1997 when the framework agreement was signed.  Though the agreement itself does not appear to be on a public domain, a good analysis of the mechanics of PPP agreement is attached.  Some excerpts: comment guidelines

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