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Confirming two sessions, Namma Railu postponed

Praja related

Quick update to confirm that we are on for 2 PM sessions on Bus Priority System and NMT - Cycling. However, the third session, Namma Railu, stands postponed as we were not able to get the quorum required to make progress forward from where the project stands today.


Mobilicity Workshop Sessions, Jan 10 - Registration Form

Update, Jan 5: Commuter Rail aka Namma Railu session has been postponed to a later date.

Registration is free, but there are limited number of seats, so do hurry. Here is an overview of the schedule for January 10, 2011:

Praja mentions in Media

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Praja in the city influentials list

Praja related

"It is not just a social network for people concerned about these issues, nor does it restrict itself to remaining a platform for intellectual discussions" Best Social Media Initiative 2010

Praja related wins the Best Social Media Initiative of the year award by eGov Magazine. The award was received by Pranav Jha of at a function organized at the Claridges Hotel, New Delhi on 28th October 2010. A very good encouragement to all those who want to use technology to bring about change for the better

Slow and dangerous sewage work @ cluny convent road Malleswaram

Praja related

I wanted to bring this to the notice of authorities on state of the sewage work being done at 11th Main road, malleswaram, outside the cluny convent, malleswaram, bangalore. I have attached certain photos for you to have a look and publish so that reaccurance of Sanjay Nagar Underpass kind of accident doens't happen again.

Few things i would like to point out :-


Hello to all from anonymous coward

Praja related

Hello to everyone from anonymous coward, (short: acoward) at Praja. I am new here and like all this talking walking you people do. Listen, write to me at acoward [at] if you have stories that you are afriad to tell everyone.

Praja for city of Chennai !!

Praja related

Dear members, wanted to share an update. We will soon be adding Chennai as a focus city on We are in the process of make technical changes and upgrades to have city specific landing page, and few more features.

Updated - Namma Railu Event, by invitation only, respond ASAP

Praja related
30 Aug 2010 09:30
30 Aug 2010 13:30

We are organizing an event with CiSTUP, IISc, to discuss hurdles and next steps on Commuter Rail Service (CRS, aka Namma Railu). Entry is only by invitation, respond ASAP if you want to attend.

Prajas Worldwide

Praja related


Hi Prajas,

Just today while updating something in Google Maps it flashed to me why not Prajas can share their location in Google Maps. This may help different people in different ways. Also its a show to others, how wide Praja is in terms of geograhical spread. All it will show how how Praja is integrated beyond geography. comment guidelines

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