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Pedestrian Infrastructure

Bendakaaluru - sewage issue

Pedestrian Infrastructure

This is my first post and I wish to share intersting facts and issues in my city.

We have heard so much of the garbage dump not cleared in time. But has anyone observed the over flowing of drainage water in most streets around Bangalore. Why is there not enough concerns/ voice raised against the waiting to disaster epidemic.

Photos from a walk around Domlur flyover

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Some pictures from a walk we took around the Domlur flyover. Really hard to get around here in peak traffic times.

Most common walk here seems to be change of direction from Airport Road to Inner Ring Road and vice versa. Coming from IRR, to go to airport road towards HAL/Outer Ring Road side:


Let us list all pedestrian danger zones

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Bheema, hope you don't mind me posting this in the DDC project. I was thinking that we list down all pedestrian danger spots that we touch daily in our commutes. 10+ new flyovers or underpasses on Outer ring road, but only 1 pedestrian bridge (near K R Puram). Its getting worse, with no visible plans. I am scared that I will knock down a pedestrian one of these days.

Study @ Domlur Flyover - making it pedestrian and bus commuter friendly

Project number:4969
Opened by:Naveen
Opened on:Tuesday, 23 October 2012 - 4:33pm
Last modified:Sunday, 12 May 2013 - 10:37pm
Operations:add Case | view all project cases
Develop concrete suggestions to make Domlur Flyover easier for pedestrians and bus commuters, submit to BBMP and BMTC
Praja RAAG

Ever tried changing Buses at Domlur Flyover, intersection of Inner Ring Road and Old Airport Road? Or tried walking over from Domlur to Indiranagar 100 feet road? Please do, take some pictures, post your experience, and if you have ideas on making things easier there, join this project. We will draw out concrete suggestions to make it easy for people to

IRR/Old Airport Rd intersection Pedestrian Issues

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Naveen, SB & I decided at short notice to take a walk around the Domlur IRR/OAR (Old airport road) interchange to see the pedestrian issues in that area. I am attaching the route we too walking all around. Some points that showed up

1. Bus stop towards the city on OAR spills onto the ramp. Bus stop towards marathahalli blocks traffic entering OAR.

For residents of Kadugodi - the way to bus stand is still down and under

Pedestrian Infrastructure

It is a very sad scene each time I pass by this major point of Whitefield. The railway crossing connecting Kadugodi population and the Bus stand is causing lot of difficulties for all. At any given time there will be a goods train waiting, with endless carriages, waiting for signal. It makes life difficult for all age a difficult process to cross over.

Mysore bank junction sky-walk with lift facility

Pedestrian Infrastructure

The skywalk operators offer lift facility between 8 am and 8 pm everyday and the lift has a capacity of 1,000 kg. It can lift 13 people at once and during power cuts too, the lifts are operational using generators.

Another wide footpath sacrificed

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

These pictures are of the 5th cross, Vth block, Koramangala, the one-way road leading up to the Canara Bank junction. The road has over the years become almost totally commercial, with any number of eateries, shops and what have you, setting up there, making it an almost one-stop destination for all kinds of products and services for a large section of the Koramangala population.

birth of a footpath

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

I had the privilege of watching the construction of a footpath in Southern California recently and capture some images over the few days the construction was in progress. I had always wondered how these good quality footpaths were constructed. comment guidelines

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