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Law and Order

Land sharks and problems

Our land in Muniswamy Layout in ward no 195 is under land sharks, though we are the owners of the land , i have been threatened not to enter the layout, we will be beaten up.

Building Use - Bank of Baroda breaks all laws in Bangalore

We all love our “native”. As we are ravaged by urbanisation, for many of us, our originial homes dont feel like homes any longer. This post is about the case of the home of Old Bangaloreans – Basavanagudi.

Cash for votes - some investment mathematics

"The rates have gone up". "Many of them want touch phones". "down payment for a new bike". "Digital box for TV" (remember the digitization deadline?). The murmurs are on. The "cash rates" are as high as Rs 4000.

Workshop on Police Reforms

9 Feb 2013 16:15

Citizens’ Action Forum (# 372/1, M K Puttalingaiah Road, Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore-560070) cordially invites you to the 1ST LECTURE of the PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES

on Saturday the 9th February 2013 at 4.15 PM at Dr. Arakeri Hall, Institute of Agricultural Technologists, Queens Road, Bangalore, by

The adjournment ailment

The Supreme Court on Wednesday said delay in dispensation of justice could well be attributed to the judiciary's almost institutionalized generosity in granting adjournment of hearings and called for its complete abolition.

Delhi Rape - Emergency helpline that didn't help!

The script of non-functional systems, morals is once again at the fore. Once again it is same story. Helplines, laws encouraging citizens to lend help to victims exists only on paper. The late "Amanat" could have better chances had the '100' number worked they way it should, someone from onlooking public had taken her to nearest hospital little earlier.

Why isn't plea-bargaining being practiced In India?

While the demands for Taliban-type punishments grow louder, one point being missed is that tougher the punishment, lesser the chances of it being awarded and longer it will take to execute.

Why should the 17-yr old rapist be allowed to get away lightly?

While the cacophony for the death sentence for the accused grows louder, most of us ignore the fact that the main accused in this crime is a juvenile. Forget about the death penalty, he cannot be jailed in a regular prison even for a day. Nor can he be tried in a regular court of law. This case should provoke a rethinking about our juvenile justice laws.

Are our current efforts good enough?

I understand Praja is doing an outstanding work in terms of creating awareness and action groups .

However, do we think that we could have utilized the recent Delhi incident to highlight growing crimes and violations in our city? 

Outraged? Show your anger in an email to Justice Verma!

It is really sad and depressing to end 2012 and start 2013 with grief, pain and angst. The 23 year old 'Amanat' left us grieving and with a mission to accomplish. The mission was to make our homes, streets, workplaces, public places safe for women and everybody else. comment guidelines

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