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"Bangalore is New to the Kannada Experience"

Girish Karnad on his new play: “Bangalore is new to the Kannada experience, therefore, even-though you will find a rich Kannada tradition in writing, theatre, cinema and poetry until very recently you will find very little writing on Bangalore. Stories on the life in Bangalore — the stories of Jayanagar, RT Nagar and Indranagar are but stories not found on paper. Hence, I decided to base parts of the play in Bangalore to explore the conundrum”.

Do we have the right Civic Attitude?

Its just lacking, isn't it?. Come on, lets not run away from the fact anymore. Spending a couple of crores on something big for the good of the city and the country is no big deal anymore. The biggest let downs are either, we just dont know how to use what is given to use or we just dont care and carry on with the "Great Indian Civic attitude" that we have. I know some thoughts might have already got triggerred for some of you that. who is this guy, making such a big statement. Let me not isolate myself from it, but we just do not carry the fundamental civic attitide with us.

Banking in Bengaluru

Hello Friends,

Banking an integral part of our lives and we all use some or the other bank.

but Banks in Bengaluru or for that matter Karnataka do not use Kannada to the extent it should be.

the private banks dont use Kannada at all either in customer service, ATM's and so on by and large.

Soliciting calls from "outside" on the rise, Kannada usage declining?

Very recently I had an experience where in I received a soliciting call from one of the reputed Indian banks. The weirdest part of the call was when it began ringing. I noticed that it was from a number based in Chennai, in Tamilnadu. Unassumingly I picked up the call thinking it could be either a long-time-no-call friend of mine, or some wrong number!

Business placards and hoardings neglecting/insulting Kannada

There are several instances in Bengaluru nowadays wherein placards and huge hoardings put up by business establishments to advertise their product or shop are insulting the local language - Kannada - by printing Kannada characters on a miniscule scale, whereas English (sometimes even Hindi) characters rule the canvas and are larger than life itself.


Some ideas on education in Karnataka

At the outset this, has nothing to do with the civic life of bangalore as such, but as much as bangalore is tied to the rest of the state at the hip, and as much as the output of our schools is cru

Increase in Rowdism and Goondaism in Bangalore


Banagalore is supposed to be a cosmopolitan city, but though i have no inhibition against any language, I find it difficult to travel by Bus ,as the Name Boards are only in Kannada. Having a side by side English & Hindi Board will help all and one, Indians as well as Foreigners

Animal/bird Sacrifice in temples

I would like to know how rampant animal/ bird sacrifices in the temples of the city/ Karnataka is. I am a journalism student and am interested in knowing if this is practised in spite of regulations against it.

How democratic are we?

When we were talking about the KL monorail, one of the other most glaring topics on monorail came up to my mind. This was about the Seattle monorail. This was voted out by the public of Seattle. Financial reasons was stated as the reason. Again when I was in Boston, a Bangladeshi lady came to me for a signature campaign. She needed this to set up a hotel in Boston. Why arent we using this in the biggest democracy in the world? Shouldnt we use the public opinion more for implimenting something? comment guidelines

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