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Language and Culture

Open Threat

Quote from article about kannada display boards by Nov 1 

"On Oct. 31 night, around 10,000 KRV workers will go round the city checking display boards of shops and if they find English- only boards, they will either bring them down or blacken them." 

Will those days ever come back

An old friend from Girgaum (densly populated South Mumbai) found me on the web. I left Girgaum in 1991.
But his e-mail or part of it is worth a ponder - 

Hindu fundamentals under attack

As a believing Hindu, I am ashamed of what is being done by people claiming to be acting in the name of my faith. I have always prided myself on belonging to a religion of astonishing breadth and range of belief; a religion that acknowledges all ways of worshipping God as equally valid - indeed, the only major religion in the world that does not claim to be the only true religion.

Happy Dasera 2008

Happy Dasara to you and your family.

is Karnataka going nuts?..homegrown version of the Taliban

This news report is utterly shocking. What is even more surprising is there is not one word of protest in the country. Read:

Cracking down on ‘violations of moral code’ in Dakshina Kannada

Tatasky - Eng, Hindi, Tamil, ashtay!

Watch tatasky? Sit and watch cartoons with your children. Press green button on the remote. You can now select the audio in your favirote language. This option is not available most of the time. But whenever it is available, Engilsh, Hindi and Tamil, ashtay! No kannada, yaake?

Tatasky doesn't want to do good business in Karnataka?

Tatasky thinks only Tamil speaking population are demanding, baaki janaa not?

Tatasky has competetion from Sun, which is based in Tamilnadu, so care more for Tamil than Kannada, or Malayalam?

Making a Leader -- Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

Making a Leader
(Edited extract from the late Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw's lecture at Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, India--November 11th 1998)

Unaided schools to teach kannada

How is everyone seeing this new move from Unaided schools. KUSMA (association of unaided schools) has made kannada teaching mandatory for ICSE/CBSE schools. Quoting from this newindpress article:

Ignoratia Juris Non-Excusat

Title sound latin to you? Well, thats because it is! It means "Ignorance of laws and procedures is not an excuse".

Why do you own a car?

Is fuel supply the only concern for car owners. They may need a rethink. comment guidelines

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