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Why restructure?


BBMP has apparently become "unmanagable". Its another matter they are also broke & also a den for the corrupt. Let me start with a statement which can be disproved. BBMP doesnt need to be split it instead needs to give up the "managing" part to the wards.

Why do we have wards?

BBMP Restructuring

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Opened on:Sunday, 28 December 2014 - 5:55pm
Last modified:Sunday, 28 December 2014 - 6:00pm
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Discussions & Recommendations towards restructuring the BBMP. Inputs will be sent to the restructuring committee constituted by the GoK

GoK has constituted a committee headed by BS Patil to submit recommendations to split BBMP into multiple corporations ostensibly to improve governance. This project seeks to help Prajagalu to think thru what they really want happen? On one hand many people believe this is election gimmick. Other believe there is an opportunity to make a change.

Governance : Sakala, Karnataka MobileOne, email ???


Wanted to know what is this hype : Karnataka MobileOne  and releasing by President of India ???   :


Two more contentors for Namma Bengaluru award

Senior IAS officer M N Vijayakumar has asked the Chief Secretary to immediately remove Mir Anees Ahmed as special deputy commissioner, whom he has charged with corruption.

Should the BBMP be split into 2-3 smaller entities?

Draft Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014


A draft road transport and safety bill is posted on the MORTH website. Click here to see the draft.  It is a long, long piece of legislation by Indian standards, about 305 pages.

Draft Concept Note on Smart City Scheme

To fulfill the vision of the Prime Minister of India of developing ‘one hundred Smart Cities’, as satellite towns of larger cities and by modernising the existing mid-sized cities, the Ministry of Urban Development, as a first step has convened a National Conclave of States and Union Territories on 12/09/2014 for inviting suggestions on the concept note

Quiz on Namma Anti-hero's of recent past


I had an occasion to set a quiz for a group of friends recently. I set one round on the above subject, and the following were the questions:

1) Refused food and liquor, a former education minister's son and his friends flew into a rage and allegedly set fire to a restaurant (near Mysore)'s thatched enclosure. Name the minister and the son.

Sharing of Union Tax Revenues with States


Chapter 8 of Finance Commission-XIII ( FC-XIII) made recomendations ( Dec'2009 ) on basis for tax sharing 32% of collection by Center with inter -se  distribution of the states share amongst the states on the following criteria :

Solidarity (with Police Constables) vigil

10 Jul 2014 18:00
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