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Like BTP's Public-Eye, why not BBMP as well?

Traffic Police just launched "Public Eye" (discuss that on Rithesh's old post here). I was wondering why BBMP too can't have similar system where one can take pictures of byelaw or public space violations and upload to BBMP.

Money for BBMP from Cable/Fibre operators

On some forums etc, I am surprised to see people object to BBMP looking to charge Fibre/Cable operators for using trees, poles, sewrage lines, road side trenches etc. Why not? Leave the part about these guys (esp the cable operators) weaving an ugly tangled web around us (look up anywhere in the city, and you will see).

Traffic Improvement Action Plan for 2012-13


A "Traffic Improvement Action Plan for 2012-13" was mailed to the Traffic Advisory Committee (sometimes referred to as 'Citizen's Traffic Forum') members, by the office of the Addl Commissioner, Traffic, a day before the meeting held on the 1st Sept. The ppt presentation may be accessed here.

Traffic Police owns up responsibility for enforcing Number Plate rules


With the traffic police looking at enforcement of Sec 49 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 (under Motor Vehicles Act, 1988), pertaining to 'defective number plates' (the biggest issue here of course pertaining to the Kannada number plates - very few people want to identify it as such, since it is supposed to be a 'sensitive'

Jeevan Bima Nagar Traffic Police - Monthly meet

21 Jul 2012 11:30

This is a regular monthly meeting held at the Jeevan Bimanagar Traffic Police on every 3rd Saturday at 11:30 AM.

It seems about 20 to 30 local residents do attend these meetings. 

DDC coverage in DNA newspaper


Some coverage for DDC in DNA:

Boycott vehicles with defective number plates


While Dr Saleem, the Addl Commissioner, Traffic, has stated (check this) that he will be taking up an intensive drive against 'defective number plates' (the biggest issue here of course pertaining to the Kannada number plates - very few people want to identify it as such, sinc

Kerbstone painting to enforce roadside parking?


Every drop of paint used on or around the road should have some purpose, should communicate something to the road users. If you look at the kerbstones, you would find a lot of paint wasted in creating the black/white or black/yellow stripes. As far as I know, the black/yellow or black/white paint patterns don't communicate anything to road users or drivers.

Elements of Discipline and Safe Driving!


I must confess that for long as millions like others, I too had considered the Knowledge of signs would suffice to instill a sense of driving discipline on roads. Having come to US, where apart from the rudimentary knowledge of road signs, there are other important skills that one needs to acquire and practice it for a true discipline driver. comment guidelines

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