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Commuter Rail

DRM's presentation (regarding Commuter Rail etc)

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The following interesting points arose from the presentation made by the DRM (Divisional Rly Manager, Mr Akhil Agarwal), and the discussions that followed:

BIAL to City train - proposal on table

Commuter RailPublic Transport

Building on the good vibes about Commuter Rail Service, hear this out now. Devesh mentioned that at a recent meeting where BCIC was taking up the cause of those who commute to BIAL for work, Mr. Arvind Jadhav indicated that a proposal to introduce train service between the BIAL and Bangalore city (via Yeshwanthapur) is being finalized. The service would be operational once the formalities are completed. Quick details:

Commuter rail to E-City may happen soon!

Commuter RailPublic Transport

I was at a BCIC meeting this week wherein Devesh had invited Mr Arvind Jadhav (GoK's principal secretary for infrastructure development) over for a talk. Mr Jadhav mentioned some exciting plans, we should hear them soon in mainstream media. Commuter Rail Service was one of them, looks like things are moving, and we may get one or two services pretty soon! Here is a summary of CRS stuff that Mr Jadhav mentioned:

Commuter Rail - Will it really help ?

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As most of us are aware, the track record of suburban railways in the larger Indian cities has been pathetic. Other than Mumbai, there is'nt a single example where such a service has successfully attracted commuters & helped reduce road congestion. Most of them have been total failures.

Kengeri to Whitefield Shuttle Train

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I was just seeing the frequency of trains from Mysore towards Bangalore as well as towards Whitefield from Bangalore station during morning hours. There seems to be very little traffic of trains. First train from Mysore towards Bangalore reaches Kengeri at 9:00 AM. Upto 9 AM track is completely free from Kengeri to Bangalore.

Mangalore Bangalore Train - Will it be canceled

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[Warning - still no source or reference for this development. So treat it as discussion, not 'news' in any sense. Anyone has a reference or quote, please provide one here - {editor}]

Its really a shocking news that the train from Bangalore to Mangalore will stand canceled from First of June 2008 as per the decision taken by the Railway board saying that it is non profitable.

Does anyone know that since the beginning of the said 6517 & 6518 trains, there is a minimum of 300 waiting lists of passengers. Then how can you say that it is not a profitable route. In order to make the people tired of the journey the trains reach the destination 2 to 3 hours after time. With this they want to make the people commuting on the trains be less and prove the fact that the route is non profitable. But please dont feel that the people of Karnatka are silent spectators. They will be aggressive once their morale is hurt. Dont try to put hand in lions mouth and try to count its teeth.

Commuter Rail Service

Yeah, a commuter Rail Service For Bangalore. There are tracks, but no Will. One look at city's rail map (click to see bigger image on flickr), and you know it has to happen, some day soon.

South Western Railway - please wake up and listen to us!

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Thank you Business-standard for striking the right notes (See "Karnataka ignores ..."). So many of us see the potential of SW Railway's assets around our city and wish they woke up and listened to us.
"... experts feel that the Indian Railways’ network in and around the city can be utilised to ferry passengers at a fraction of the cost ..."
The point in the article that disappoints us most is:

Commuter Rail can make our city better

Commuter RailPublic Transport

CTTP has all the details for improving transport facilities in Bengaluru through various options. While the Metro / Mono take their own sweet time for completion, making use of the existing railway network on a limited scale on a few routes can be an immediate solution. I understand that the railway lines cover only a certain portion of the city, and local train transport with feeder bus services will have a great impact for that portions. The Kengeri-Whitefield route can be a pilot route as it is already an electrified double track. With the BMTC & private industrial managements, including software tech parks providing feeder services from their respective places to the nearest terminals, this can be a very effective solution in the immediate future. Our daily traffic situation is only growing worser day-by-day and i believe if this is implemented in a small way, our city can become better. comment guidelines

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