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Commuter Rail

Implementing Suburban Rail - SPV Model!

Commuter Rail

Last Friday, News9 / TV9's aired a live 'Panel Discussion on Namma Railu' with Dr. Sitharam (CiSTUP), Smt. Sumithra Iyengar (BCIC), our friend Mr. Muralidhar Rao (Preseident - Praja-RAAG) and myself as a blogger on Namma Railu.

State Govt to develop towns around Bengaluru- Better late than never!

Commuter Rail

If news paper reports is to be believed, state government is slowly realizing that, it is in the public interest that towns around Bengaluru are developed.

Source - Deccan Herald

TV 9 / NEWS 9 - Panel Discussion on 'Bengaluru Suburban Rail Service' aka Namma Railu !

Commuter Rail

Video recording of the panel discussion hosted by TV 9 / News 9 on the subject of impelmenting 'Suburban Rail Service' in Bengaluru.

Courtesy - TV 9 / News 9


Report of the Expert Group for Modernizaion of Indian Railways

Commuter Rail

3.4 Upgraded suburban coaches

6.6 Monetize Airspace above the platforms & rail tracks: a pilot project could be immediately

Bengaluru Suburban Rail - Just a Few Miles more to start,says Citizen Matters

Commuter Rail

"...Reaching Tumkur, Ramanagar and other peripheral cities will be easy in future, when the Commuter Rail system becomes a reality. The project is expected to disperse the traffic inside the city as well as connect Bangalore with suburbs..."

New daily 8 AM train from Tumkur to Bangalore

Commuter Rail

It looks like raining of new trains in Karnataka, courtesy Shri. Kharge.

GOK State Budget 2013-14 - What's in store for Bangalore?


So the much awaited state budget for 2013-14 by Congress government is out. It is still very early into budget announcements to make a real sense of each of these announcements.

Going by Deccan Herald's live blog, here is the list for Bangalore.

Source - Deccan Herald

Bangalore East Station

Commuter Rail

"Despite recent renovation, much remains to be done to make Bangalore East station passenger friendly. Notwithstanding regular use by the city’s eastern residents, the station, located on Pottery Road, falls short in the basic infrastructure department."

CRS - Metro Integration

Commuter Rail

It is a good news about the approval of Bangalore Suburban Services known as Namma Railu in our Praja Discussions.

Metro and CRS instead of competing each other as discussed, how could we make it complementary to each other? This needs proper integration of Metro Stations with SWR Stations wherever Possible giving a commuter seamless travel.

Good news - we will soon get "Bangalore suburban rail", Namma Railu is chugging ahead!

Commuter Rail

We are on track to get a "Bengaluru Suburban Rail". Yes, that is the formal name of the project!! Sharing this good news we heard today regarding Namma Railu, here are some more specifics. comment guidelines

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