List of Experts to Contact

Once we have the presentation and an initial list of parameters ready, we need to start reaching out to all the experts we can for feedback.

Let us create a list of experts we should get in touch with as well as the person who can be the point of contact.

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  1. Prof TV Ramachandra ( IISc) -- Neha/Manjari are trying to get in touch with him--DONE
  2. Dr Shekhar Muddu ( IISc) -- He is a hydrogeologist. Zenrainman sir can get us in touch with him.--Meeting him on monday
  3. Mr Tippeswamy (ex- BWSSB) -- Swati Dandekar is the point of contact. Consider checked out to Shekhar-DONE
  4. Dr Harini Nagendra -- Who is he/she??--Sent out email--response awaited
  5. Once we have reached out to all the above folks, we should also get in touch with Prof Ashwin Mahesh and Prof Rajeev Gowda.
  6. Another name that came up at CiSTUP is of a Professor Mohan. It seems he has done a lot of work with BWSSB and was instrumental in getting RWH mandatory.---Sent out email--response awaited


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Some more experts




D. Srikantamurthy
Deputy Director (GW)


Department of mines and geology, No.49, Khanija Bhavan
D Deveraj Urs (Race Course) Road,  

080-2 2384134 (O)
080- 25286422 (R)





There is also Dr Farookhi in central groundwater department. I don't have his contact. does any one else?


We have reached out to quite a few experts. Waiting to hear back from them.

1. Prof TV Ramachandran - he has not replied yet.
2. Tippeswamy - no reply yet
3. CPCB - No reply yet
4. Vmenon's contact - No reply yet
5. Siva- the stats expert - will probably set up a meeting with him for the weekend
6. Vishwanath sir is yet to hand over the contact of shekhar muddu and harini nagendra.


She consults with Atree:



ur reference

can i use ur reference to send contact her? comment guidelines

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