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BMIC Interchange

An ariel photo of one of the BMIC interchanges. Image courtesty


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thanks man, for some reason

thanks man, for some reason i remember reading about some haripriya hotel. very famous, looks like. mandya's watergate. ;) but i am not entirely convinced that this project is all good. yeah technology wise perhaps, they are building a good road, are building eco friendly convention centers(tumkur road BIEC) etc. but that is only part of the story.
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Mandya Function

Mandya function took place around 4 months back in a Choultry next to Haripriya Hotel on Bangalore Mysore road.

Even in Mysore, there was a function from the area where NICE is going to start. TCS officials had recently visited Mysore and they were interested in taking plot at the spot where NICE starts as per report from Star of Mysore. But, nothing has been heard about that so far.

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check the images on these

check the images on these pages for images  of the road.   have not heard about the monorail on BMIC in over an year. when did this mandya function happen?
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Excellent Interchange and Excellent View

BMIC - whatever the controversies may be is unparalleled in terms of design and safety considerations. No way the existing 4 lane road between Bangalore and Mysore can become like this - Existing 4 lane road passes through many towns and villages and abnormally people enter the roads leading to accident. Also many roads abnormally join the existing 4 lane road where vehicles enter the road abnormally.

In BMIC, no road intersects directly and everything passes above or below. Quality of road is awesome and of the standards of German Autobahns. It would have been great if it would have been made 3 lanes on either sides. Also it reduces the distance to 110 kms. Monorail at 200km/h being planned will be amazing and first time in India other than flight, we can travel at 200km/h in a public transport. A Volvo on BMIC can reach Mysore in 1 hour 15 minutes.

Townships being planned will reduce the burden on Bangalore to some extent. Also, the Industrial township and IT township being planned will give lot of employment opportunities. People can live in Mandya and Mysore can stay in their natives and travel to the work place instead of getting shifted to Bangalore.

Normally, there is lot of opposition and protest by people of Mandya if something goes wrong to them. But, they have welcomed the project and recently they organized a function and honoured Ashok Kheny. It is the politicians who are causing the problem for this project and misleading the villagers and making them to protest against the project. comment guidelines

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