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Summary of Praja CRS Report - Namma Railu

Here is an overview of the Praja Report on CRS, titled "Namma Railu".

Decongestion of Bengaluru is a burning issue facing the administrators today. With the kind of visibility Bengaluru has in the international arena and the role India is going to play in the world of the future, it is important for both central and state governments to sit up and take notice. Ignoring the long term mass transport needs of the city can backfire on the country. The economy of any city thrives on availability of good quality labor at affordable cost. Expensive housing and increased travel times only put more pressure on productivity of human capital. This may ultimately lead to flight of capital and hurt the economy with cascading effect.

BMTC and Corruption

Lot of posts and comments on bad practices around tickets, and possibility of organized corruption inside BMTC around Bus operations. Some say that pilferage levels are too high, though there is no real data to either show the level of pilferage, or compare with estimates from transportation companies.

Walking in Bangalore - Amenities for Pedestrians

Too much stress on road width for vehicles has eaten up pavements and encorachment of pavements for purposes other than walking is also on the rise. Talk of signal free corridors etc also means bad news for those who regularly cross these roads.

This wiki/book is to hold together references and popular discussions on pedestrian infrastructure in Bengaluru.

BBMP and Road Widening

Most aware citizens say that widening roads to fight traffic congestion is like buying larger clothes to fight obesity. BBMP and some others feel that some arterial roads are choked, and road widening is a must.

Such direct focus on roads, and so little on mobility has been a problem with Bangalore's planners for a decade now. But its only in early 2010, when a large road widening scheme from BBMP threatened to touch thousands of private properties that the debate has hit common citizens of Bengaluru.

Scientifically speaking, city roads needs consistent width - 4 lanes would do just fine - in corridors, better management of stopping and parking along the ribbons of corridors, width for pedestrians to keep them off the tar, and improvement at junctions to manage the flow.

Feed back for UID draft legislation

This is to take vmenon's UID post forward. The draft legislation on UIDAI is out, it will provide legitamacy to the whole exercise and provide legal frame work on the main issues concerning security of data and personal privacy concerns. Remember, Karnataka is a test state.

Idea is to raise our concerns on the bill as a group, consolidate it as report and send it to lawresponse [at] before July 13, 2010.

Those with keen eye for details on legislation, take a lead please.  When there is opportunity to beheard, we should out loud our concerns and not rue a missed opportunity.

This is a wiki post (anyone can edit). Or leave comments if you are not comfortable editing this directly.

BMTC - Interactive Maps Project

Book to hold together all other wikis and posts related to the crowdsourcing driven BMTC Maps project. Edit this wiki page as the project grows.

Crowdsourcing: BMTC Vajra Route info database - II


A few folks at Praja are trying to create some handy, cool and easy to understand maps for buses. In the initial phases their focs is on the volvo routes.

Attached is the completed vajra map. The plan is that there will be one more map/side which will accompany this map, which shows each route individiually in a straight line - showing ALL the stops. Now to create this map, we need to collect data regarding the list of all the stops the bus stops at. This complete info is not mentioned on the BMTC site.

Can we do this true Praja style? Below is the SECOND list of bus routes. The First list can be found here We need to make sure that all the bus stops covered by the route are covered in "via places".

How to fill the table?

Bangalore and Signal Free Corridors

Public transport die hards don't want any of this. Car lovers want them. But many believe that some solution is required in Bangalore to improve radial connectivity across ends of Outer Ring Road.

  • BBMP has been trying to improve radial connectivity by widening some corridors, and planning more flyovers etc at busy signals.
  • BBMP has tried doing this on Belary Road via Magic Boxes.
  • Some people have proposed tunnel roads to connect CBD with Outer areas.
  • BDA is converting Outer Ring Road to a signal free corridor
  • CTTP 2007 had proposed long elevated roads above 4 key radial corridors.

Let us outline detailed posts on the subject under this book. This is a wiki post anyway, so if anyone wants to add more to this page itself, just edit it instead of adding comments.

Crowdsourcing: BMTC Vajra Route info database - I

A few folks at Praja are trying to create some handy, cool and easy to understand maps for buses. In the initial phases their focus has been on the volvo routes.

CRS for Bangalore


Per McKinsey report on India’s urbanization to 2030: comment guidelines

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