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Online Store of GOK Unrepealed Acts

Found this online store, linking soft-copies of un-repealed acts of GOK. Yes, I did rub my eyes to make sure I wasn't dreaming. 

Not sure where to post it, category or Tags to use. Admins, feel free to classify this post as you deem fit.

For the record, got to this website thru' 'Acts & Rules' link on GOK-UDD Home Page


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Most are old, with the latest being a handful dating back to the year 2000. So, is there a move to repeal/ review them? Perhaps such exercises are required to be undertaken periodically. But, amongst the 2000 year lot, is the RTI Act. Well, that makes it ominous!

Muralidhar Rao
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its there in our search engine

Not sure how many people use it, but the custom search engine that we have here to search through karnataka govt websites as this website (IP address) in its list.

That IP address belongs to Karnataka govt's official website: (used to be earlier). State govt has another website at,

To use our custom search engine, go to this page

There, select "Bangalore Public sites" and search.

It will look through almost all the websites listed on http://cyberjournalist.or... comment guidelines

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