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Lead poisoning - spreading awareness

Lead poisoning a silent threat is spreading - lack of awareness. GOI got LEAD FREE petrol all INDIA since 2000 for this reason. Only one remedy AVOID EXPOSURE. Mother to child transfer in the womb ensures this last for generations. Has many pathways it can enter your body. PAINT is one.

There are no symptoms at all. Doctors in general never loof for this. Blood test for Lead can confirm but few instruments are held in INDIA & lead moves fr blood to BONES in 30 days. You have Lead in your Bones but can never find out. This goes on over a life  time

Millions of toys ( fr china) were recalled by leading TOY Cos of US 2007. Problem was LEAD in paint used. Fall in IQ, stunted growth are some outcomes .......

Most schools have playground where the items are painted in bright colors. (90% of paints in INDIA were lead based till 2008. Some makers have changed some output to LEAD FREE. But there is very little mention in media.

There is a large amount Leaded paint in the shop shelf. Unless U ask for LEAD FREE paint U may be palmed off old stock. Even shop may be ignorant about LEAD FREE / LEADED paint.

Effort is in hand to educate teachers to build a larger base of LEAD EDUCATORS.  see

Public awareness is the key.

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lead poisoning

National Refferal Center for  Lead poisoning in INDIA  (NRCLPI ) operates from St John Med College. Hospitals donot handle this . At times they may refer suspected case. look up     lead poisoning / NRCLPI / Lead in paints /  Toxic link .


look up   ecoganesh   MES college malleswaram

any more q after u study sbove

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thank you sir

Sir, any data from bangalore?  Reports from local hospital on cases of lead poisoning. Share maadi please. comment guidelines

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