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Honking Horror of Vehicles

I could see off late many vehicles especially Two Wheelers and the new car drivers seems to be in a great hurry on the road, they simply Honk for no reason and they honk on police signals, as if with their honk the singal is going to fall green and they can move.

Such attitude on the road is really disturbing people and other drivers on the road, which is unwarranted. Pls Honk only when it is required, otherwise enjoy riding, by hearing an FM with headphones or in your car audio and drive. If you see anybody honking behind you especially an call centre vehicle's pls allow him to go, so that he doesn't create more noise pollution.



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Mr. Sood or authority should make stringent rules for this too

This behaviour is very normal and mostly being shown on the road by the bus drivers and taxi drivers, not only call center cab drivers, all the cab drivers do this.

To add the horror, you see all the Pulsor 2-wheelers have this inherent capability of horn-volume even more than that the greatest bus on the Bangalore road - VOLVO. The pulsor 2 wheeler riders honk louder than our vovo buses, I mean what has gone in the Bajaj's mind, to pollute the city with all the noise pollution? The result will be going to be very destructive. If not our children, grandchildren will surely be born with hearing defects because of such increasing noise pollution.

The need of the hour is that our Traffic police and other relavant authorities should come forward and take stringent actions against such drivers and also again the manufacturing companines for such loud devices in a small 2-wheeler. comment guidelines

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