DDC Handbook for powered 2-Wheelers

This wiki is extesion of current traffic rules/regulations/norms. So common driving rules not mentioned. Please obey rules in general , plus take note of following points as tips and tricks

a) When stuck up (not while moving) traffic jam, inform concerned via mobile phone that you will be late, if you have deadlines.

b) When near signal, occupy 2/3rd of the lane (about a meter roughly). So that if another 2 wheeler/3 wheeler comes, lane can accomodate. Auto rickshaw is around 1.3 meter wide. Total lane width is around 3 meters.

c) When moving,  be in centre of the lane and keep an eye on rearview mirror. Is some wants to overtake you, give side, even before they honk. Though they will feel that they have won, you will be safe.

c) Do not drive in roadside drainage/footpath. That is dangerous, and you are seen as cheap guy and you are risking walkers

d) Think that you are EQUAL to any other 4 wheeled vehicle. And you have equal rights and responsibilities on the road.






motorcycle positioning

point c. means centre of a lane and not d central lane. i keep to the rightmost position on divided city roads. left lane is close to side roads. but crawling 'two wheelers ' better keep left.

I feel left lanes are also dangerous for the 2-wheelers

I have drived on the outer-ring-road from marathahalli to koramangala for my work a lot and I know how its dangerous to be n the leftmost lane. You will sometime see a car or lorry or cab parked suddenly on the left lane and in case you observe a little late, you are gone, your bike can skid, or you can bump into the same. There is no parkind board and signals all over the road, but as per my general observation, people feel those boards meanings as "parking space". Also, on the whole of the outer ring road, you will see all the mud, and sand scattered on atleast half of the left lane, riding 2 wheeler on such roads is totally dangerous. I have already faced the consequences once.

So, most of the times, I had to resort to drive on the middle lane and slow-slow looking at rear-view mirror and keep going. In these cases, we need a few support from BBMP infra also apart from all the lane discipline we follow and how safe we drive.

Lane usage for 2 wheelers

I was wondering about point (c) listed above. Wouldn’t it be better if the two wheeler drivers stick to the left side of the lane rather than the middle? Other vehicles including two wheelers and four wheelers can then pass them on their right safely. Leaving space on their left side will tempt other drivers to pass them on the left which can be dangerous.

Also for the safety of the two-wheeler, it would be best if they can stick to the left most lane as far as possible unless they plan to make a right turn at the next intersection.

DDC - 2 wheelers

 e) Wear Helmets, preferrably full faced,Jackets and shoes while on the faster roads such as ORR / IRR to avoid injuries.

 f) Do not brake while turning especially with Disk Brakes. Slow down the vehicle first, then turn.

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