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Bangalore - Governance

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Namma Bengaluru's struggle to manage its growth is partly a result of its broken governance structure. Central area of city had a municipality, which was expanded to cover sorrounding areas much after chaos has crept in on the peripheries. Even after the expansion, certain critical areas like transportation and water are not directly controlled by the local government.

Before all this, there have been debates on effective authority of the local government. With a Municipality, MLAs, MPs, and ministers in charge of North and South Bangalore - decision making structure and accountability is not clear. And symptoms of this problem show up in matters where lack of city wide planning and regulation hurts.

Even in areas where City's municipality has direct control - development norms and byelaws, lack of effective enforcement has een cited as a problem.

This book is to club together documentaries, summaries and ideas on state of local governance in Bangalore.

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