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FDI-funded PPP model for Namma Railu?

Commuter Rail
The government on Wednesday notified the liberalised foreign direct investment (FDI) norms for Indian Railways, permitting 100 per cent foreign direct investment through automatic route in several areas, including high speed trains.
However, proposals involving FDI beyond 49 per cent in sensitive areas, from security point of view, will be

Bangalore Commuter Rail / Suburban Rail Rakes Photos, Bangalore people should be proud of these

Commuter Rail

As we all know,  either Railways or State Govt has any interest to start the full fledge services of Subruban Rail.

As the time progressing,  Bangalore people are exploring more of Suburban Rail benefit then  the Railway Minister non willing to start the services.  With MEMU Maintenance shed coming up at Banasweadi,  now we have new DEMU Rake for Bangalore

JNURM Funds for Mysore


I saw the MP Pratap simha post this morning, in which he says that central govt has released 12.5 cr for Mysore region to buy buses. I replayed to his post requesting to buy more of Hybrid buses than the diesel buses.

Its high time the Mysore or Bangalore Transportion dept buy more of hybrid buses to reduce the pollution.

Bangalore Suburban Railway Stations status, why Railway Officials and Railway Minister neglecting still ???

Commuter Rail

Looks Like Railway Minister Sadanand Gowda will not do much for Karnataka

Car Pooling - A retrospection

Why not me doing car pool? I question myself.  Following points came out. But no solution. So I dont do car pooling.. Do you have solutions? Please comment :)


1. Not flexible : I have to wait for my car pool partners, and vice versa.

2. Not regular : My pool partner not at all regular.

Idu Public Placu-Nimmappandalla - How do we spend on neighbor's dream - PART 2


I presume you have read part 1.


PS : Meaning of Title . Idu public placu nimmappandalla means,this is public place, not of your dad !

Wilber Smith Report on Bangalore Mobility Indicator 2008, what about 2011 report ???

Wilbersmith Report of 2008 on Bangalore Mobility Indicator 2008 for DULT submitted in April2009

Has any one know about 2011 Willbersmith Report ???

Cycles on KSRTC bus!

There is a frequent question on how to take cycles on KSRTC bus. Ofcourse it is quite a task to carry cycles on express and other service bus because they need to be loaded onto the roof of the bus.

However its a breeze to put cycles into volvo bus. But a frequent question is what is the cost of transportation. Some conductors play traunt, charging bribe etc

BBMP Public Notice on the clearing Foot paths

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Citizens please cooperate on this 





Flash mob route to road safety

Public Health
Here is the video of  the flash mob dance as part of the road safety campaign held on August 2nd, in Koramangala. Do share this with your friends and on all social network platforms.
Well, any and every effort towards creating awareness about road safety is welcome.
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