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Rail Yatra - From Cantonment to Whitefield !

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17 Dec 2016 09:00
17 Dec 2016 13:00

Prajagale, Namaskara !

Train drive from Bengaluru Cantonment to Whitefield ! Yes, you heard it right. Praja is joining hands with Citizens for Bengaluru who are organizing a "RAIL YATRA", a ride from Cantonment station to Whitefield by Train. Here are the details.

What : RAIL YATRA (Train Ride)

From: Bengaluru Cantonment Railway Station

To: Whitefield

By - SBC-Bangarpet MEMU (Train # 66530)

Time: 9 AM @ Cantonment Station

All are requested to join with family and friends. Please come and make it a grand success.




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If you are going !

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If you are going please leave a comment here.

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It is my personal view that a

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It is my personal view that a rail yatra on the SBC RMGM sector is likely to yield more favourable results compared to the Cantonment WFD sector. This is chiefly on account of the socio economic profile.

IMHO a yatra on the Kolar Channapatna DEMU would be ideal. People can join in from the railway station of their choice.

I shall not be able to join on the train because of professional commitments.

Good Luck!

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"deja vu" harking back to May 2010

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Certainly - it's deja vu time for me, since I was on the very first ride that started the Namma Railu movement, back in May 2010 - check here.

Muralidhar Rao

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