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Seminar on Sakaala

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6 May 2012 11:00

IAC Karnataka and Dept of  Panchayati Raj & Administrative Reforms invite you to participate in this unique workshop on "Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act, 2011" Awareness Program on Guaranteed Services.

Date :  Sun 06th May;  Time: 11 am

Venue : Vaartha Bhawan, Infantry Road, Next to 'The Hindu Newspaper' Bangalore 560001

Duration : ~ 2 Hours

Workshop being conducted by Min of Dept of  Panchayati Raj & Administrative Reforms

Pls contact : 9035309084 / 9620258082 /9945657771 for any clarifications

To Register online visit : (due to shortage of seats, pls register only if you are 100% sure to attend)


Note by Vol. Salah Mhmd:

Opportunity to help prevent or lower corruption at services level in 11 departments.

Sakaala Seminar was initiated jointly by IAC and DPAR. How? In Dec 2011, Karnataka Guaranteed Services Act was passed by govt of Karnataka. DPAR had published the same and invited from members of public, through a newspaper ad, to review the draft rules, suggest changes, raise objections if any within 29 Feb 2012. Vol Mathew, Vol Anand Mangalam, Vol Sheshasayi and Vol Salah took up the study of the draft rules and noted down key points where the rules were either not favorable to the citizen or were in conflict with other rules in the same draft. The IAC group identified these lacunae and proposed the necessary changes. The Secretary, DPAR discussed the changes and agreed to take it up and make the necessary changes if approved. [Later we found some changes were made and others were put up as proposals for next amendment.]   We also pointed out to the department secretary Shalini Rajnish that making the law and not making the public aware of the benefits of the law is self defeating. We also proposed, if these rules really are to benefit, a proper campaign to create awareness must be conducted and IAC is willing to participate in such a move. The department did not forget our proposal. They have organized the seminar and informed us to invite whom ever we intend to invite as trainers or propagators of the awareness about the new law.

Hence it is our moral responsibility to live our support for an activity being taken up for a good cause for the people of Karnataka.

Very important value for IAC Karnataka is in making it clear to the govt as well as the people that IAC Karnataka stands for anything representing legitimately the rights of the people and would support the govt in any project that is designed for the benefit of the people. IAC Karnataka is not against the govt. It is against any activity or behavior that promotes corrupt or insensitive practices leading to harm to the people or actions/ inactions that block fairness and rights of the people. We want Lokayukta. We want also wide spread awareness of KGSCA now effective in operations of 11 departments. In due course of time, 33 remaining services will be added to the applicability of the new law. This will put Karnataka in a unique place.

This law is the result of an outstanding work by the govt department that has made Karnataka the first state to promulgate such a law. The law is aimed at improving the services and initially there can be teething problems that can be resolved with mutual understanding and support. This law is expected to build the trust level between the serving departements and the served people.

We must all know about it as it will make us all proud to be citizens of Karnataka. While we support and promote good actions, we definitely fight for our rights like the services of Lokayukta. Our fight is for rightful restoration of our rights while we recognize and appreciate the good work at the same time.

It is a clear indicator that we neither blindly support the govt for all actions nor blindly oppose all actions. Each action has its merits that we can recognise and appreciate.

Who must attend Sakaala Seminar: leaders of groups of citizens, RWA presidents, members of NGOs in social service area, charity organizations who assist people in receiving services from govt departments. Only by wide spread awareness will the people be able to benefit. Ignorance leads to corruption. Awareness and knowledge enlightens to cut down corruption. Hence this seminar is very much within the objectives of IAC.

Change creators must attend Sakala Seminar. IAC Volunteers are change creators.

With best regards, Vol. Salah Mhmd


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