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Public discussion on traffic issues

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12 Jun 2011 18:00
TrafficTraffic jams


Dear folks
we are all meeting tomorrow -Sunday 12th June at 5pm at Lecture Hall Raman Research Institute.
the traffic situation in Bangalore is becoming acute -with the only solution being propagated that there needs to be road widening and more underpasses and flyovers. this results in a loss of many trees - the boulavads of Bangalore being one of the heritages of Bangalore.

the situation at mantri mall and sankey tank has precipitated this action -so let us use this to get all like minded citizens together who will look at the soultions and then put pressure on the govt to use the JNNURM funds better-after all we will also have to cough up some thing towards the projects-JNNURM will give us only a certain % of the project amount.

so let us all meet and make some consensus decisions.

looking forward to seeing you all -please make it a point to come for this meeting -the time you spare for this will be crucial
please forward this mail to all people who you think will be interested in coming for this meeting and be willing to share the ideas and thoughts.

 i will be bringing the projector and laptop -so all of you who would like to show some solutions please bring it on a pen drive.
thanks a ton.


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Reps from Sankey road walkers

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Reps from "Sankey road walkers association" were pitching for a flyover at bashyam circle because they had to wait 15 mins in the car to cross the signal. I think they should be renamed to "sankey road killed-while-trying-to-cross-the-road association" soon. In the short term they can rename themselves "sankey road drivers-who-walk-to-their-car association"

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Seamless drive on MG road

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As per todays TOI, AreaTraffic Controller project will be tried out on MG road to reduce vehicles waing time at six signals to 0-60 seconds, virtually signal-free ride.

I hope the BTP have made provision for pedestrians/ public transport commuters to cross the roads at these signals as the MG road is a pedestrian-intensive shopping/commercial zone and not a highway for vehicles to zoom past.

Will Mr. Praveen Sood clarify?

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