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Do you want to monitor BBMP’s projects?Come and learn how

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18 Jun 2011 15:00

CIVIC Bangalore has great pleasure in inviting you to a presentation on BBMP’s Web-based Global Project Management System

Mr. R. Sri Kumar, IPS, Vigilance Commissioner, Central Vigilance Commission will preside
Chief Guest - Mr. Siddaiah, IAS, Commissioner, BBMP

Mr. Raja Seevan & Mr. J. K. Rao, Founder Trustees, Indian Centre for Social Transformation (Indian CST) will make the presentation of Web-Based Global Project Management System (GPMS) of BBMP

Date:  Saturday, 18th June 2011; Time:  3PM to 5.45 PM
Venue:  Senate Hall, Central College Campus (Entrance from Jnana Jyothi Auditorium, Palace Road), Bangalore 560001

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike's Global Project Management System (GPMS) has been developed by the Indian Centre for Social Transformation along with Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation. It is a professional tool to manage projects on-line from conception to completion. The progress of the project is tracked by all stakeholders who work collaboratively to ensure successful completion of the project. The system has the following components available:

  • On-line Global Project Management System (GPMS)
  • Remote Eye Monitoring System (REMS)
  • Intelligence Report Generation System (IRGS)

This e-governance initiative enables real-time monitoring and management of BBMP's 33,737+ works, which are going on in various parts of the City. If someone wants to monitor any particular project being executed by BBMP, with respect to its timely completion, cost effectiveness or quality, they can follow the progress of the work by selecting the project and putting the same on their watch list. As progress gets uploaded on BBMP's website, they will get alerts and the public can also upload photographs and feedback to ensure that the work proceeds in the desired direction.

Advantages of using Web-Based Global Project Management System (BBMP-GPMS)

  • The goal is to use technology-aided tools to enable efficiency and transparency and bring about accountability in all e-governance services.
  • To provide total transparency in all the civic functions of BBMP.
  • Empower citizens by providing them accurate ready-to-view real-time information on-line.
  • Provide a single-point database for all citizen services and matters.
  • Enable access to central repository to all citizen data through cloud services.
  • Bring about constant improvement in e-governance services through continuous public feedback.

Now BBMP has provided this portal for public to register complaints, view projects, provide additional information, suggestions of their interest and update delays or inconvenience caused through this BBMP-GPMS on-line portal.

For details on the programme, contact:
Kathyayini Chamaraj, Executive Trustee, CIVIC, 97318 17177

Muralidhar Rao


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Good to see such technology enabled stuff coming from BBMP

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Its really nice to see such steps from BBMP which can help common man to track BBMP progress on the various projects ongoing in the city.

In general, I really have a lot of concerns about BBMP about the way they have been operating, because every other authority blaming BBMP for not providing what it  should, this is the right way/step towards citizens getting the report online and can make the work done in right order and priorities.

My present concerns on a few of BBMP works are -

(1) Status of removing of the tar/asphalt from the base of the trees all across the bangalore. (Mr Comm has ordered of this action during march end).

(2) What about new development work, be it road-widening, or footpath construction or roads rebuilt, are trees saved from choking their roots/base?

(3) Proper parking space at many places like Madiwala market etc?

(4) Cutting of trees and status of the new saplings plantation?

These way, there are many and many issues cropping up many of our minds while we visit the city at different times.

@Murali Sir,

Do we need to call the number mentioned in the post to register the attendence?


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holds promise?

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The whole thing looks very fancy, and is promising a lot. But, the organisations involved do not exactly inspire my confidence, from what little I know of them (hope I am wrong). And, you are dealing with BBMP, an organisation where systems are designed to fail, in order to serve various vested interests. Well, whatever, if it can take us one step beyond this, may be something would have been achieved.

Would have liked to attend to know more - but, since I am committed to another programme same time, I'll not be able to make it.

@ Deepak  -  No registration required. You can walk in.


Muralidhar Rao
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Must Attend

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I will be there!


Thanks Murali sir! It will be a Great opportunity to meet Murali and Other Praja.

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ICST Experiance

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Indian Center for Social Transformation is a public charitable trust. It provides services that are scalable secure and efficient while improving overall service and reducing cost. This is what the entry page title declares. The BBMP soft ware looks to be provided by this organization namely ICST

I tried to register as a user of their web site. It was a horrible experience to say the least. Spent half an hour but could not succeed in registering on to their cloud computing system. I think my registration for the general use went through.

To illustrate my experience :-

I had to keep clicking 68 times to give my Date of birth. I had to use the calendar starting with 2011 and travel till 1942. My god what un innovation!!!!

Still I have hopes and will attend.

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Article 74th amendment

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Kathyaini Chamraj of CIVIC was the organizer of the meeting at central college held on Saturday the 18th June 2011. This one was on a presentation to the new addition to BBMP’s official web site “Web based Global Project Management System”.

Thank you madam for bringing up the update on article 74th amendment, and its relevance to the three tier Democratic set up of our country, during the seminar.  [1]

It was an eye opener for me. It is surprising that very few Corporaters have set up functioning ward committees. I remember to have attended a ward committee meeting of HAL II stage last year. SNS Murthy a former Bangalore Police Commissioner was an active participant of the committee from their residents association. I have to find out about our ward 54.

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WGPMS feedback

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This is the link to the WGPMS.

Picked REMS first. Data is bad, looks like test data. The filter for location is incomplete. I dont even know what REMS is supposed to do. In the date wise query they have actually listed all dates in a drop down pick list. Wait for more data that list is going to just hang.

Then picked wards, figured the ward list in the drop down pick list isnt even sorted alphabetically making it impossible to pick yours. Now why would you put that useless drop down list when you have listed all of them in the right half of the screen? Beats me.

Went into Ward 19 (Sanjaynagar) found projects for New BEL road, RMV etc in that list even though New BEL road doesnt belong to ward 19. I figured from the description that projects are still being accounted for under the old ward numbering system and carried projects of ward 99 which has been redrawn since long. Now this is going to be a nightmare for tracking. Are they actually crediting ward 19 for other ward works? Or is Ward 19 having money to spurge on everybody else? Worse there is even a park for Yelahanka new town listed under ward 19 !!! How bad is this data? Why is Guttahali nursing home improvements in ward 19? It isnt even close to ward 19. Are they just dumping stuff in there?

Project detais do not have anything like DPR/Designs etc attached. Are we supposed to review work codes?

This brings me to the point about how our civic agencies use these IT systems. If they are not their primary & only source of record keeping forget about this becoming anything useful. It will degenerate like all govt websites. 

PS - Hey there is snowfall in the background !!!

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Good Lord, there are 123

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Good Lord, there are 123 employees in ward 19 & almost all are AEE's. Going by this number, instead of the cesspool that it is, It must be one beautifully engineered neighbourhood

Here is a question, how many engineers do you need to maintain a ward 1.54 sq kms big? 100?

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not disappointed

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This brings me to the point about how our civic agencies use these IT systems. If they are not their primary & only source of record keeping forget about this becoming anything useful. It will degenerate like all govt websites.

So, my fears (expressed earlier) were not misplaced, after all. I am not quite disappointed. You get disappointed only when you have some expectations, and the job turns out bad, right?

Muralidhar Rao
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why ernst and young?

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Ernst & Young, for instance, will prepare a detailed project report for BBMP's egovernance initiative. 

more here

Gubbi mele brahmastra..its like they brought a tank to quell a domestic quarrel! They should have just asked praja or even the implementation co(Infy/HCL) to do it!

Anyways its not just JNuRM free flow money for the project!

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Firstly consultant who

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Firstly consultant who prepares framework/DPR cant participate in implementation as per the KA transparency in procurement act, so if infy makes the framework & roadmap they cant participate in the real implementaition of the workflow system. Secondly E&Y is standard consultant within GoK for this type of work. Some depts actually welcome other consultants to come forward & empanel themselves. There will be bunch of DPR's waiting to be done & you can take you pick. For IT related work there are few vendors as most want to bid for the larger implementation rather than the smaller consulting piece.

The resistance to workflow might decrease but I can bet there will be arm twisting of the implementing agencies to provide manual bypasses to every system. I have heard this reluctance when the property mapping was happening, the folks in the various offices tried all they could to scuttle it including simple tricks like claiming to forget the login password to windows & not informing the helpdesk for a new password.

The janlokpal citizens charter or even the right to service act should become the framework to define the service level for each transaction type, work backwards to define application & infrastructure service levels to outsourced service providers.

It will be interesting to see if the WGPMS will be hooked to this workflow to show the real status of the works instead of the useless behemoth it is now.The WGPMS shoud show how many updates are happening on a weekly basis so the people know the truth about these IT "systems" 

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The concern with a PWC or EnY

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The concern with a PWC or EnY is that they are mostly far removed from the ground realities..

The objective as the news report says and as we discuss here, is how to plug gaps and bring transparency..and not simply a well bound huge document with jargons..

Its shouldnt end up like the zurich built BIA..where they completely missed out on the fact that platform tickets selling is a big biz at the railway stations in India and so on..

The report also says everything will be ready in six months..I can bet that EnY itself will not be able to submit their report by then..and then the dev works will start..nothing less than 1 see something!

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On the topic of monitoring &

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On the topic of monitoring & digitization here is the cat which nobody is willing to bell


BBMP engineers are now doing a survey on the damage to the roads and also started the process of finding out the road history.

So why is the road history being done now? Because the BBMP does not have a centralised database on the history of each road — the time it was asphalted, the cost, who the contractors were and so on.

“There is a tremendous opposition to such a database being generated both from within and outside the civic authority, as the history could prevent roads in good condition being re-laid,” said a senior BBMP official, hinting at well-entrenched corruption. The road history will also help the palike manage the roads better — both before and after monsoon.


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THere was a recent report

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THere was a recent report that BBMP sites have been revamped... so decided to check it out & found it was superfast. Pleasure to browse. SO decided to use it for a little more than eye candy thats when the skeletons started tumbling out.

The MS Ramaiah hostel behind my Parents property is leaking sewage into the soil weakening the foundations of the neighbouring properties & dumping huge quantities of sewage into our pipes. we spent Rs15K fixing our entire sewage system because of this.

I decided to complain & went to spandana first. Filled in the form & submitted. It came back super fast with a new form page. No confirmation if my complaint was accepted or not no tickt umber as well. Then I go to query & it drops a list of queries but without a ticket number I dont know which one is mine.Sad state of this complaint anagement system despite the many years of its existance. 

Next I pick up the email directory from one of the links which comes up blzingly fast & I type in emails to CE, SE & AEE west. Immediately the mails bounce back.

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

Remote host said: 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected. [RCPT_TO]


Remote host said: 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected. [RCPT_TO]

Remote host said: 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected. [RCPT_TO]

Essentially work doesnt get done, they arent interested in either taking or fixing problems. IT doesnt work, Nothing in BBMP works. Neither the complaint management systems nor their people. Why do we collectively put up with these incompetents then is the million rupee question? 

PS: Found a complaints platform on & have posted the issue there. Lets see if that yeilds better results

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BBMP complaints

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I gave up after similar disappointments.

I booked on 'ichangemycity'.

Result not encouraging.


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eye candy only

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I put it on ichangemycity also... BBMP office directed me to BWSSB ultimately I went down to the BWSSB office, they wouldnt take a letter I had written out, but asked me to write in a complaints book they have there. Lets see if that works. 

All this internet doesnt trickle down to them at all, unless work gets assigned & closed thru these systems only there will be no hope for any work getting done.

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mailer-daemon tried hard and gave up

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The original of this letter that I mailed to the CM, and copies to all others except the one to the Commissioner, BBMP, seem to have been delivered. In the case of the BBMP, the following is the feedback I got from mailer-daemon

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at
[(0) []:25: Connection timed out]

Tells a lot about the country's tech capital's Corporation, right? Forget tender tracking, can they even get the basics right? Of course, that is presuming they want to. And, isn't that where the problem lies?

Whatever, I have mailed out a hard copy to the Commissioner, apart from the others.

In this regard, one needs to commend the efforts of Bangalore Traffic Police, and BESCOM to communicate with the public through 'facebook'.

Muralidhar Rao
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Face book

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BBMP and BMTC should come out through Face book.

Bheema.Upadhyaya's picture

BMTC not interested

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Two years back, I met one of BMTC planners. And I suggested using facebook. Also I had emailed to then Chief Controller of Traffic by giving example of  BTP and KSRTC. It seems they are not interested. In fact, I suggested them to FBise their complaint system. Additionally I had suggested them to issue monthly ePass electronically via an internet portal (similar to KSRTC etickets with any of govt issue as ID proof).

Few indicated reasons, though may not be real ones. 

a) Most of BMTC officials are less internet savy

b) BMTC does not have definite target customer base

c) BMTC has too many routes and types of service classes

d) They see facebook as "unstructured" system unlike their "dedicated" complaint management system

May be we can give a re-try to convince this time. Who will ring the bell of cat? :)

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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there in only one way

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@ Bheema - The only way you can make any change happen is through this route.

If not sufficiently convinced about the arguments made in the body of the petition, perhaps a reading of this (as also the post just below it) should convince you.

Muralidhar Rao
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gut-less govt cannot control BBMP?

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" Residents’ Welfare Association, Kallahalli, were shocked when they learnt that the road-laying work worth Rs 20 lakh (Rs 19.99 lakh to be precise) was sanctioned for their area in September 2011. "

more here

This has been the case since ages, people need to raise individual RTI's to get information on their wards where the responsible people just get away richer..all that BBMP does is put brakes on all transparency initiatives like the ones in this post or set fire to evidence.

BBMP has turned into a cash cow for the politicians across all parties..hence no one including the ruling party wants to do anything about it.

Its high  time someone puts a stop to this henious Siddu CM upto it?!


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All residents should start filing RTI, it seems

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I think most of the residents right now have to go RTI way only.

Even in my area, kasavanhalli road is untarred for so long, and after following up with Mr Mayor on FB, he says that work order granted, funds granted, but he is suggesting to talk to my MLA to get further info on this.

I am not sure why I need to talk to MLA for road building anywhere.

And if the orders are issued, then MLA nowhere is involved here, just the corporator and Engineers are to be contacted.

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