Workshop on Urban Mobility, IISc, Jan 10 (Mobilicity)

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Urban DevelopmentGovernance
10 Jan 2011 14:00
10 Jan 2011 16:30

Discussions will be held to understand the issues (political, social, economic and technical) for developing livable cities; take a systems view of the challenges being faced; identify possible ways forward. Focus will be put on ways to learn from urban case studies from across the world and capture critical issues and their effective solutions for application in the Indian urban context. New areas of research and collaboration with different stakeholders will also be explored. The Workshop will be jointly organized with members of

Find workshop details here: UM workshop - details (pdf file, on CiSTUP website)

[Note: pre-registration required for attending the three workshops, watch the website for details]


Watch for Registration forms and more details

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We will be posting workshop registration forms and more details (Workshop timing, format and schedule) this weekend. Please do watch other posts in this project.

Online registration form available now

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An online registration form is now available on the mobilicity event page. Register ASAP for the sessions that you'd like to attend.

Namma Railu session may be postponed

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We have already had a round table on Namma Railu, and few more meetings with several other people based in Bangalore. We are trying to get one or two local MPs and ministers for the Jan 10 session as we are at a stage where another meeting with local GoK babus, or SWR DM's team may not help much (there is a bit of a deadlock, follow recent meeting notes on Namma Railu project).

Due to our inability to get confirmations from a few key panelists, we may end up postpoing the Namma Railu session (effectively, the round table #2) for now.

Will updated the registration forms etc accordingly once the postponement is confirmed from CiSTUP side.

BPS is looking good

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We are on track to get BMTC, Traffic Police, KSRTC, BBMP Engineering, a few experts on the panel for the session on Bus Priority. This one is looking good.

And so is the session on "Cycling as the intermodal connect".

Looking forward to the technical sessions now. comment guidelines

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