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Solid Waste Management and the Cleaning up of Bangalore

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23 Dec 2010 18:00
Public Health

THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS (INDIA), Karnataka State Centre,  Bangalore, in association with CITIZENS’  ACTION  FORUM,  BANGALORE, cordially invite  you to attend  the Lecture Programme on “SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT AND THE CLEANING UP OF BANGALORE” by Dr MEENAKSHI BHARATH, expert on Civic Affairs, Bangalore on THURSDAY,  23  DECEMBER  2010  AT  6.00 PM.

Venue: The Institution of Engineers (India), No.3, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore. Tea at  5.30 PM.

Conveners:  Dr A S Kodanda Pani; Dr K GOPALAKRISHNAN, FIE, Chairman, IE(I), KSC;  Er G SREEKANTH, FIE  Hon Secretary, IE(I), KSC;  N S MUKUNDA, President, Citizens’ Action Forum



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Solid Waste Management and the Cleaning up of Bangalore

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The CITIZENS’  ACTION  FORUM,  BANGALORE  need to go through the various articles that appear in news papers on the matters connected with  Garbage Management before addressing  solid waste management issue.  The innovative approach the BBMP adopts now  is to collect garbage from various places and dump them near the common areas such as HOPCOMs, Public Park, Temple etc.  The 13th Main Road, H A L Second Stage, Bangalore 560 008 is one of the standing examples.  The experts on Civic Affairs should instruct the BBMP Staff  not to indiscriminately use the public places as garbage dumping yards and allow the garbage to decay.  The Officials of the BBMP should be made responsible for garbage collection and cleanliness of the area.  They  only need to  co-ordinate with  the Contractors to whom the work is awarded.  I hope this comments catches the eyes of the members of the Forum.

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Dear Sri Raja Rao

Good to c ur comments

Kindly attend the program and be part of the citizen initiative to work for better garbage management .You can also attend LOK ADALAT to be held in 1st week of Jan 2011 at Karnataka High Court




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Dear Sri Mukund, Thanks for

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Dear Sri Mukund,

Thanks for the infromation.   I will certainly attend LOK ADALAT to be held at Karnataka High Court.


R. V. Raja Rao


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BBMP Staff dumping Garbage in Public Place

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How  successfully the BBMP manage the Solid waste generated in Bangalore City  can be observed from the  Picture above which was captured on the 13th Main Road, H A L Second Stage, Bangalore 560 008, just on the entrance to the public park very close to HOPCOM.   BBMP Staff collects  garbage from other places,  dumps them in common areas and allow them to decay.

with regards

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