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Meeting with Mr Sood, ACP Traffic, May 22

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22 May 2010 14:00

Traffic enforcement being the ever popular 'issue', I had requested for Mr Praveen Sood (Assistant Commissioner of Police, Traffic) for some time to hear him on two subjects

  • A look back at BTRAC - how successful was it? Any learnings? If the project will see a re-run, what are the new goals?
  • A Bus Day style Traffic/Enforcement Day - his thoughts, and if we can try it

Meeting details

  • May 22 (this Saturday).
  • Time: 2 PM. I think his room should be able to take 12-14 people.
  • Venue: Top floor, Shivajinagar Bus Stand/TTMC

Leave a comment ASAP if you will come.

PS: No general discussions on traffic on this post please, use this post only to plan this meeting, ashtay.


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Can move the CRS meeting out

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We can request Manjari to move CRS meeting out, provided we get 6 or more to come for this,

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I want to attend both :(

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lets keep it simple winner of maximum "yes i will come" get to keep the spot :P

Anyhow CRS is an internal praja meeting so we could shift that.
For that we are not dependent on anyone. What say?

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Can move the CRS meet out?

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Lets go meet Mr Sood, and do the CRS ride #2 a bit later. We did one just recently anyway, Plus, we have that meeting with Mr Madhu this week, so there is some CRS action planned.

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I am coming

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Lets go and talk BTRAC, they have done good on signboards which are accurate atleast 60% of the time atleast for humps & road crossings. I am really really worried about road markings and direction boards. Also need to find out how much input they really have on road widening.

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who else?

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is this it? who else is joing. come on, I need to confirm this meeting with him ASAP.

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Meeting Mr. Sood

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I was looking forward to this meeting but on 22nd I am away from B;lore.

Couple of points for BTRAC-

1. Bus Stop signages by BTRAC should include the names of the stops.

2. No such boards needed at already existing Bus shelters.

3.Speed limit boards should be put up esp. on roads in residential ares to curb the menace of rash riding endangering pedestrians.

4. Some one-way roads are being reconverted to two-ways which is most welcome for bus commuters. They should consider making one lane on the left in the reverse direction for BMTC buses in wider roads like Richmond road, Residency road etc. as the one way system has put bus commuters to much hardship.



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Hope to be there...

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I hope to be back in B'lore on Friday, in time for this meeting.

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Will be there for sure

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 I will be there and will reschedule the CRS meeting.
Will update that event saying so.

See you guys on Saturday.

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Meeting confirmed, 2 PM

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Okay then, just called his office to confirm the meeting.

Time: 2 PM. See you guys on Saturday, May 22 then. His office on the top floor of Shivaji Nagar Bus Stand (TTMC).

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Will join this

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Will join this tomorrow.  Should we not meet an hour or 90 minutes before to plan out the interaction?  Else we will be playing a reactive game with him.  We can make a proper list of questions and have a scribe note down his responses.



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Preparation requested

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Looks like its mostly long time Praja guys coming, but if any new comers plan to join in, to make the best of the meeting, please do some preparation.


  • browse through bangalore police website, esp the BTRAC section.
  • quick look at praja posts on traffic, read what interests you (

Agenda of the meet. I will moderate if needed

  • BTRAC look back, how successful was it?
  • Focus few rules at a time styled enforcement day with citizen involvement. I have at least one company interested to bless this with some sponsorship and 100+ volunteers

See you guys tomorrow at 1.45, at Shivaji Nagar TTMC.

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Meeting with Mr. Sood

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What happened on 22nd May?

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