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CRS Publicity meeting

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22 May 2010 10:13
Commuter RailPublic Transport

There are a lot of ideas floating around to make the CRS more visible.
Lets have a meeting where all these can be discussed and some action items can be decided to take this forward.

Suggest a time and a place where this can be done. Maybe on the train itself :)


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Timings and Stations!

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 For the exclusive pages on Praja for CRS, need some basic info. List of all stations where this train makes the stops and along with the train timings. Could you pls send me the link or the data?

 Also, can we fix up a meeting with SWR DM or PRO ASAP?


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Is the meeting on Friday - 5/21?

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 Is the meeting on Friday -5/21? I think you meant Saturday i.e. May 22, 2010.

 Though I have a suggestion. let us have a online Skype meeting first and then plan for 2nd Praja CRS outing.

 Any news from SWR DM/PRO?


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Meet in the train itself?

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How about doing the meeting in the train itself? Everyone get in by Belandur Road station, that will give us good and peaceful 1 hour for the meeting.

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Meeting with DRm / PRo of SWR

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Tried calling DRM of SWR  office, no one receive the call,  it looks they use the phone to make calls only.  Also  I tried to take appointment with IDD / Mr V Madhu,  even  Pranava & myself have tried several times, but they are least bothered to meet us.  Mr V Madhu is fully engaged till the G I Meeting gets over by  1st week of June.

If Pranav can  try  to get the appointment  either with IDD or DRM / SWR,  we will join. Other wise, we have to visit the DRM office physically & get the appointment.

This weekend, I will prepare the Existing Train schedule stoppages with timings  &  will upload by monday.

We can plan for CRS meeting in the train on 22nd.  


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No response from SWR PRO

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Don't know why they have phones, like Sanjeev said, they should probably take only outgoing facility on their phones.

The PRO never picks up his phone calls, nor does he/she answer any emails. Wonder if they are a public sector organization at all.

Its a shame, really. Railways, and BDA are the worst so far in our attempts to get responses etc from public agencies. May be we should have Praja award every quarter for most and least responsive govt agencies. 

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Mobile numbers

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Sanjay, SB,

Disappointed to hear that we can't reach PRO of SWR. Interestingly I found differentmobile contact info for Bangalore DRM on RTI pages of their website.

RTI page gives this info:



Shri. Akhil Agarwal

DRM & Appellate Authority







Shri A.S.Rao







I am going to try the mobile during the week.

On a different note, how about contacting BMLTA?


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Saturday, train it is :)

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Lets have a meeting on the train itself.

@Sanjay: Were you able to contact SWR DM or should I try as well?

Also I was thinking of contacting BMTC so that we could ask them if they are running any buses exclusively to the nearest railway station such that the bus and the train timings are in sync.
What other questions can we ask them?

If I have a list of questions then I could approach them with those and try to get as many answers as possible.

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No response from DRM office

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@SWR DRM Office : No one  receives the phone at  DRM office.   Try from your side, if we get an appointment, it will be good.

@  Regarding BMLTA Director meeting,   On 15th May,  spoke to the office of BMLTA  / UDD  Director, he is gone out of country on offical visit for two weeks from Sunday &  we will try only in 1st week of June.  Information what  they told is BMLTA will be dissolved  soon and  their will not be any further meetings  from BMLTA.

@BMTC  : Its good that  you are going to interact with them on last mile connectivity for Local  Trains.


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Will reschedule this meeting

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 Due to a clash with another meeting with Mr Sood, cancelling this one and will move it to sometime next week.

For now this meeting is cancelled. comment guidelines

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