SKYPE Meeting: 2nd Bus Day - What next for Praja?

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28 Feb 2010

BMTC has anounced that the next Bus Dya will be observed on March 4.

Praja members had put lot efforts in supporting the Feb 4th event. I am sure we will contunue to do so in the spirit of Namma Bengaluru.

Let us brainstorm some ideas that Praja members can/should do as part of the next Bus Day on March 4. Let us talk and zero on soem ideas.

Let us meet ONLINE via Skype and discuss March 4th Bus Day event.

When: Sunday Feb 28 @ 10 AM IST

Venue: Via Skype


Interested one are requested to leave a comment here.



I am in...

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Count to me in to join...

provided BESCOM co-operates at the given time :)

-Srivatsava V

Need to upgrade our engagement with BMTC!

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A day before, I had the opportunity to call Mr. K S Vishwanath - CTMO of BMTC. After customary introduction, he felt that Praja community is not that active as seen during 1st Bus Day. I told him that, we are as active as we were for 1st Bus Day.

On my part I asked him about the lesson learned from Feb 4th BD and what new things can be expected on March 4?

From this conversation I concluded that upper management hasn't analyzed the feedback they have received from Praja and other sources fully. Though Mr. Vishwanath told me that they did find that they need to tweak the schedule timings a lit bit. He promised me 2 things - one the website will be fully functional with route search information and two, timings will be adjusted to take care of the crowds around morning hours.
I had to cut the conversation as I had reached him on his cell. Will talk to him later.

From this conversation it was evident that we have more work cut out for us. For that we need to upgrade our engagement. With our current sources we reached this far and for further journey we need to enhance our engagements with BMTC.

Let us brainstorm the ideas on how to enhance the engagement and be able to put across the message to BMTC in an effective way.

This will be one topic I would like to discuss this in a Skype meeting on Sunday @ 10 AM IST. comment guidelines

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