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Kadugodi ROB meet

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16 Jan 2010 11:00

 Meet at Kadugodi rail over bridge location. Time: 11 AM

  • Take pics of work progress and post
  • Finalize the RTI application
  • Plan meeting local MLA or SWR officials



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Kadugodi Railway Overbridge.

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I would like to take this opportunity to be there and take some pictures too. A great start with this January meet.

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where do we meet - Kadugodi bus stand?

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May be tough to find each other unless we fix the exact spot of meeting. I suggest Kadugodi bus stand, right near the railway level crossing.

See you guys at 11.

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Any more updates on this

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Any more updates on this meet?

Did we make any progress?

Let me know what kind of help you would require from me.



A resident staying opp. Ujjwala school

Nagraj Prabhu
Be the change you want to see!

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Dear Friends, Now, the

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Dear Friends,

Now, the bridge, a safety issue has come up. I have reported it as a blog post. Could someone take it up further with the concerned authorities locally and see to it that the dangerous wrong entry by two and three wheelers are controlled by taking appropriate measures.


Ramesh Menon

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Just call Ramesh

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Ramesh, why bank on some one else to take it up!? Just call the phone numbers and write to the traffic police (provided email and phone numbers to you already). Just get 3-4 people to call/email and they would notice and fix this.

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Thanks and done already. Was

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Thanks and done already. Was looking for added support.

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Great, I emailed too, called as well.

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So that makes it two. Get 5-6 more to call, and they should act on it! comment guidelines

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