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Storm Water Management and compulsary RWH

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21 Oct 2009 10:30
21 Oct 2009 12:00
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Place #23 Old Madras Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore, India. 

Discussions with Mr. Indraneel Dutta about Storm water Management and RWH in view of Compulsory RWH for 2400 sq ft and above site properties in the city.

DKA is an award winning leading architectural practice in India. DKA is an architecture & design firm that helps companies and organizations create innovative places & identity. We run projects in India from our office in Bangalore and Kolkata. 

Principal : Indraneel Dutta holds a masters degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he was nominated to the SOM (Skidmore Owings & Merrill) fellowship and won the Franklin R Smith award for Urban Design from the Architectural League of Chicago. He has worked in the Mid-west(Chicago), New York area & London before starting work in India. He has experience in Healthcare, Commercial, Housing and Interiors. Indraneel Dutta has worked with HOK London (Hellmuth Obata & Kassabaum) before which he was with Atkins, Thomas Associates & Zachariah Consultants. Indraneel has had the oppurtunity to be the Design Architect in many of the projects shown on this website. Indraneel holds a first rank in the Bachelor’s degree of Architecture program at RVCE, Bangalore University. 


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Hope !

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Hope Mr. Indraneel Datta will join as a Praja Member. We need visionaries with experience like him in all walks of life - particularly in the field of civic amenity provisions.

I do hope he is familiar with latest trends in RWH and SW management issues presently being faced with Bengalureans. I hope he too has a good private enterprise solution that can be seriously considered by the authorities.

Competion is always health and I for one revel in it. It is unfair competition that one feels frustrated about.

Welcome to Mr. Indraneel Datta and his ilk to the Praja fold.

Thanks PSA Garu,



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Same arch. for metro stations?

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Seems to be the same arch. for metro stations. Serendipity?

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The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident

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The English author Horace Walpole is credited for coining the word Serendipity. I got  Indraneel Datta while searching for one who may look into Town Planning aspects especially with the new legislature about to be enacted about RWH. Storm water management to prevent flooding and ground water charging are also important points of discussion. I was impressed by the persons resume. Hence I called up Datta to fix up an appointment. Hope I am not breaking any rules. 

Thanks for n’s comment. It made me look into the Praja Metro thread for the first time. It was Interesting info. Yes, the person is same. 

I have to call and go. Hope the meeting takes place. Is there any body pitching in? Please put a line here.


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You can count me in

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PSA Saar,

Needless to say I am very much interested in meeting Mr. Datta, more as a Praja member to begin with than as someone interested to push their wares! So do let me know when you have set up the meeting with Mr. Datta.



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